MSFS - Screenshots

Some random screens from the last few months.
MSFS can really be stunning at times. Beside the obvious ground textures, what impresses me the most is the lighting engine or whatever it’s called.


A quick test flight in the A1R Design Bureau Sh-2 Amphibian. I was going to skip this one but it recieved some favorable comments over on the MSFS community forum, so I picked it up, and I am glad I did. It’s a simple airplane, no flaps, no lights, very basic instuments (either Metric or Imperial), no GPS (yay!). She handles nicely, very docile and forgiving. The engine sound is amongst the best I have heard in MSFS. I think I have found the airplane to fly for the rest of my much delayed Louis and Clark Expedition.


Oh man, I have to continue that expedition as well.

That’s indeed a cool, simple old plane.


Never heard of that one!
Would be a cool experimental aircraft, if it was built today…


I look forward to reading more of that adventure! I especially enjoyed that one.


great shots, you are getting better and better with them, I see there cockpit shot too :slight_smile: :+1:

oh that L&C exp. … now I have two tracks not completed yet - L&C exp. plus the last XMas track …
wait a sec, how about that race ? I mean trophy. so thats third one not completed yet by me :slight_smile:

1932 Bendix Trophy - Transcontinental racing flight Event - Flight Sims / Microsoft Flight Simulator - Mudspike Forums


The Bendix is pretty fun, especially if you do it “old school”!


I found myself flying pretty much only three aircraft on three different missions:

  • DC-3 over the Hump
  • An-2 on feeder routes in CCCP
  • Caribou in Papua New Guinea and Vietnam

Here are some screens from my last two flights.

DC-3 (or shall we pretend C-47?) over the Hump from Ipin to Hsi Chiang as a part of the west-bound ABLE route (it is the one called High Hump).
Not long at 133 NM but over steeply rising mountain range mid-way. Another catch was the need to steep descent towards Hsi Chiang which is at some 5k feet.

Note that here I was at some 12k feet already and could count the rabbit holes (or whatever lives there) :grimacing:

This picture was the last one my co-pilot took when running away from the cockpit :laughing:


On apron in Hsi Chiang

And this morning short hop in An-2 over Kamchatka.
The destination airfield at Talovka is probably long gone so I had to look for a suitable spot to put the An-2 down. But since this thing can land pretty much anywhere that should not be much of a challenge…

Climb & En-route

The river down there was supposed to lead me to the destination.

Talovka. The piece of land right at the bottom right edge of the window frame looks like the former field, doesn’t it?

Approach and landing


Kinda surprised with these results… now that I got a flight stick for my Xbox Series X, I’ve been comparing screenshots between the Xbox and my PC with the PC version set on ULTRA. (Retirement can get boring sometimes, especially when rainstorms are around. lol)

Can someone explain to me how the Xbox version looks better than the PC version with settings on Ultra? Bora Bora.

Hawaii… Which looks better?

Look at the horizons, more detail and trees on my Xbox than the PC, was surprised. (BTW that’s not my Naples Airport layout, nor tower.)



It looks like the XBox version has a bit more dynamic range in the first two shots.


Well, this was fun, yet disappointing… My house, last one on the right. Via Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC Ultra Settings) and my #DJI drone… (need to see if Xbox version does it better.)



Actually, I was quite surprised about the multi tone in the water at Bora Bora, how in the hell does the PC not have better water?

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Did the PC not download some data that would be available?

with PC ver did you go into your ingame content manager and checked that your latest world update is properly downloaded? iirc these needs to be downloaded manually.

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Yes… this is all default and proper M$ add-on releases, no outside mods used.

I know. but still you have to download it manually via ingame content manager iirc.

maybe its done this way to save space on PC ver where you can install only particular world updates or all of them, based on your available storage capacity. dunno.

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I have, I use the content manager… are you saying your PC version has that 2 tone water?

This is what it looks like on my PC, including the new World Update. I don’t have everything maxed out, but it looks pretty good to me.


That’s nice.

I’m having problems with screenshots of the UI in this sim. Since they changed all the file system, I’ve just been using the UI to gather data on my aircraft for adding them to Neofly. Up to recently that was fine - I’d take shots of the specs and then the liveries and the weights, then go through all the sots, filling in my database as I go.

Yesterday, after buying the ATR-42/72-600 I decided to add everything to my database. Some add-ons have been updated and I also though I’d add the default aircraft (I have the standard version) so I could make informed decisions about company purchases and what to use for specific jobs.

I spent over 1½ hours just doing screenshots (using the Prt SC key) of every aircraft I have, with all the different data screens, but found not a single shot had been taken. This is the second time it’s happened, yet in-between I did one sesh and it was fine, so I’m clueless as to why.

I use Gadwin PrintScreen - been using it for a few years now cos I found it was so good. Why that hasn’t done the job is beyond me - I’m wondering if FS (or NeoFly - though I doubt it) has taken over authority of the screen print key. That sound likely?

Next time I’ll try using my in-sim assigned screenshot button and see if that works in the UI. Other option is to do a Windows printscreen (Windows key + Prt Scrn) as that might work, too.

Semi-AAR and screenshots.

Yesterday I decided to try some flying with TrackIR, just in case I get any VR issues and don’t want to get too rusty with head tracking. It also allows me to easily take full size screenshots instead of single eye view ones.

I’d forgotten about trying a new NeoFly company I’d made in Papua/New Guinea. I’d used PNG as my main bush flying locstat for years in FSX with the excellent PIS Bushtrekker scenery.

With the Oceania update to FS and with PNG included, it reminded me of my NeoFly company and I decided to start my venture with this TrackIR flight.

I had a Cessna 172 G1000, so navigation was a lot easier than I usually prefer it to be, and I was flying from an airfield I don’t remember from my previous adventures, Bulolo, but has a metalled, very long runway - at least very long for GA aircraft! I didn’t even need to taxi to one end to take off, I just joined in the middle and off I went.

I had noted that the destination airfield, Aseki (AEK in Neofly but not in FS - which calls it AYAX) which I knew would be located in the mountains, was about 4,000ft msl. My start airfield at AYBU was already +/-3,000ft msl so no worries, though I, the 29nm flight would be easly enough to gain 1000ft of altitude. I did remember a certain adventure at altitude in PNG, where I had been desperate to fly over some peaks in my little AC114 Commander and it had really struggled - much careful and exact use of the fuel mixture was the answer to getting the cargo delivered and I was keen to remember this on my current flight.

Thing was, I had neglected to study the height of the mountains in between the two airfields! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Silly me!

Almost as soon as I took off, on climb-out I found myself struggling to get over the very first ridge! My C172 was loaded up to within a few pounds of its MTOW (832lbs - two jobs onboard) and at a paltry 5° climb it was rapidly losing speed.

So I performed the first of many circular climbs - probably “turning ascent” in aviation terminology? No idea, anyway - for most of the flight I struggled to stay in the 90kt region and used this turning and climbing technique to get all the way up to the required altitude which turned out to be no less than 8,000ft msl :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Though I attempted use of the mixture control to improve my power, it did nothing except drop my speed (and make an ugly noise) if I had it at anything less than 100% fully rich all the time. Something perhaps not quite right there, but that’s how it was.

I also had, on two occasions, to dive off into a valley rather than stall, crash and burn, to pick up some speed and attempt a climb whilst turning back towards the approaching ridges.

After clearing the final ridge and finding myself in the base of the clouds, I spotted the destination airfield, with relief, and descended the 4,000ft in a turn to a straight-in approach and nice soft landing on the dirt. The strip was easily long enough to come to a standstill within half the runway’s length.

However, the experience was enough to have me heading straight to the plane shop and ditching the C172, taking out a loan of half a million and buying something more suited - SWS’s awesome Kodiak.

That’s better - don’t think I’ll be sweating quite as much now - but will I have as much fun? :stuck_out_tongue: