MSFS Updates/Patches

Patch Version



  • The title will no longer crash when different input devices/peripherals are disconnected
  • The title will no longer crash when the TBM 930 package is deleted


  • The install process will no longer be blocked after a partial decompression of a package
  • The install process will no longer be blocked when a local user account includes non-ASCII characters
  • The install process will no longer be blocked after a failed connection to servers
  • The install process will no longer display an empty onboarding screen under certain conditions
  • The title will download a critical missing/deleted package to access the main menu even if the save data preference is set to offline (when an internet connection is available)


  • The title will no longer automatically download packages that have been deleted through the content manager
  • The content manager will no longer get stuck in an infinite loading state when checked offline
  • The Creator name of the packages should now be properly updated


  • Significant FPS drop when using Simconnect should no longer affect the experience


  • The performance of the title has been improved when the Display name plate option is set to active


  • The correct currency is now properly updated in the marketplace

New patch notes posted. Source:


  • Patch is finishing final testing. Being prepped for release.
  • Patch will be released within the next 10 days.
  • Full patch notes will be released with the patch.

PATCH #2 HIGHLIGHTS (full patch notes will be released with the patch)

Performance improvements

  • ATC updates
  • UI updates
  • Aerodynamic updates
  • Aircraft updates
  • Cockpit visuals and animation updates
  • General aviation system updates
  • General aviation avionic updated
  • Airliner system updates
  • Airliner avionic updates
  • Live Weather updates – (e.g. 225/3kt wind fixed, persistency fixed, etc.)
  • Upgraded multiplayer servers
  • Marketplace updates
  • Content Manager updates
  • Localization updates
  • Accessibility updates
  • Camera updates
  • Bush Trip updates (e.g. completion trigger fixed/Completionist achievement fixed)
  • World updates

[RELEASE] Release Notes ( Update #6 Now Available!


Navblue data has been updated
Navigation data date is now dynamically set in the avionics


ATC window should now list the entire name of approaches
ATC should respond to requests for changing an approach into an airport
User should now have the option to request an IFR clearance in the air even if they have a flight plan entered / loaded in their GPS
ATC should now respond to requests for changing runways while near / on approach to an airport


The Fly-by-wire bank oscillation has been fixed for the Airbus A320neo
The overpowered engine of the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner has been reduced
Fixed broken plane instruments when switching to Metrics via the options menu
Fixed cockpit interactions that were either getting mixed up or not working on 3rd party airplanes
All liveries should now be accessible in game and properly loaded


Lightning should no longer be triggered in clear skies


The sensitivity curve methodology has been adapted for the different inputs


New temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), along with new sharpen filter using AMD FidelityFX CAS

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