MSFS VR - Everything you NEED to know! | HP REVERB G2 & RIFT S

Ok updated and installed everything I think.

Is it normal that the openXR demo application looks horribly distorted when using SteamVR with openXR?
Like a pincushion vs barrel distortion problem.

Very dim light bulb illuminates in the distant cloudy reaches of the chipwich cranium. At the time I tested this, I had had about 4 hours sleep in 48 hours helping my other company restore a downed Exchange server. We struggled for a few days juggling VMs, NAS boxes, DNS, blah blah blah, but finally prevailed. I actually slept 7.5 hours last night and feel much rejuvenated.

As another precaution, I uninstalled fpsVR. I’m assuming that it might not be OpenXR compatible, but that’s just a WAG. Attempting VR…

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I just had an excellent flight in the MB339 flying the Mach Loop in Wales. I have to say it was a significantly better experience than I was getting with XP11 and OrbX’s TE scenery in VR. There were a few stutters here and there, but overall a very smooth experience. The OpenXR slider was set to 60% and it really didn’t look bad at all (not tack sharp, but certainly sharp enough). The main issue I have now is how the prop discs look while reprojection is doing it’s thing. I think Asobo need to make a simple prop disc option for VR use.

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Good to hear @PaulRix. I’m not quite at the sightseeing stage, but sorted out my config and able to get off of the ground in VR.

Question for @fearlessfrog, after my first MSFS flight, on a whim I launched DCS without reverting in the OpenXR dev tool thingy back to SteamVR runtime. However, DCS did trigger SteamVR and ran fine. I’m wondering how having the OpenXR runtime selected affects SteamVR games?

I had a terrible experience using SteamVR using my Rift S, so I set the OpenXR registry key back to Oculus. Works better now, but I am still trying to figure out the proper settings for my rig.

It shouldn’t impact it, as it’s sort of like OpenGL vs DirectX and a different set of tech. I put a diagram here that sort of explains it - My VR Settings & Tips - #12 by fearlessfrog

On my aging machine in WMR I had no issues whatsoever from first flight. On a 1080 I experienced the single most immersive flight sim experience of my too many years chasing the immersion dream!

A few tweaks are required with mouse control. I would love to see something akin to how DCS manages this with a marriage between mouse and head movement. Either way I can map a lot of controls to the HOTAS to deal with fiddly controls for now…

Thanks Asobo! How am I meant to spend time with the family now over Christmas?!


Do what I did. Bought two more PCs… :rofl:


Exactly my (pretty much) only issue now with the MSFS 2020 VR goodness.

I believe it is down to the transparency of the prop disc. Try this mod to make it more transparent

(there is a Deluxe edition too)

It helps a bit, though still not perfect.

Once I have a minute, I will try to make a fully transparent prop disc and test it in VR. If it works, it could be activated / deactivated for VR only use as any other mod.

I will report back.

EDIT: OK, it works - getting rid of the prop disk removes the artifacts. The mod linked above works also well so there is probably no need to remove the prop disc completely. However, I have not managed to get the Deluxe Premium version work on my install :thinking:


Another video I just saw. It contains a few hints not mentioned yet:

Btw, is there any way to disable the 2D mirror?
Or at least cut it in half and render only one eye?
I need a tiny amount of additional performance to hit a quality/frame rate ratio I like.

Also: I wish we could fly in VR and still take nice 2D screenshots. I have a few ideas for flights but the bad image quality will ruin the AARs. :frowning:

Oculus FPS test (tokyo)

I just flew over my house…in VR, in a Grumman Goose… :sunglasses:


So here’s something interesting I found out today. If you are using reprojection and you are experiencing major artifacts around the prop disc, mess around with the prop RPM. You can quite often completely eliminate the ‘wobbles’. Not really a fix, but it is a usable workaround and shows that this is something that can probably be fixed by the aircraft devs if they feel so inclined.


On three hour legs, when I see the left seater looking out the window to the left, I enjoy just minutely tapping the right engine prop RPM every twenty minutes or so to de-sync them and make the flying pilot wonder what is going on…



You Sir, are a very bad man! :rofl:


So, I’m sure this is common knowledge, but I only learned this yesterday after watching a YouTube video review. The reviewer mentioned he was getting a lot of choppiness and someone commented that he probably had the rolling cache on. Due to my rural internet connection, I have always had the cache selected on. Well, even with a less than great connection, turning off the rolling cache has made a very noticeable difference in VR. Far fewer stutters. I have even been able to crank up my settings a bit more.


So, I think I’m doing this correctly but how do you ensure that you are running OpenXR?

I have the OpenXR app open. And I start MSFS from the desktop which opens Steam, but I presume not Steam VR.

Is there a run preference per program selection somewhere?

It’s a bit academic really. Since the last patch I can’t get MSFS to run well in 2D, much less
3D. :crazy_face:

At the moment it’s just a on/off per ‘stack’ for OpenXR. If you’re WMR then it will default to use that unless you change it. If you do change it then starting the WMR Portal app will show a blue bar at the top that asks if you want to change it back to their stack.

If SteamVR/OpenVR then it’s a new setting here, which shows the current one being used:

Generally for MSFS, if you have WMR use the Microsoft one, if you have an Index/Vive then use the Valve SteamVR one.

Hmmm, thanks? :rofl:

Sorry, but you lost me somewhere after, “At”.

So with a Reverb 2. If I open the OpenXR first,
it will default to that. I didn’t see where in WMR it allowed me to pick one or the other.

Still, my new 3090 runs this like sublogic, so I think that this is not my biggest problem.

I almost can’t find a level of detail low enough to run this sim smoothly over central Jersey. Much less an actual city.

But about 50ft above the water, it runs as
smooth as silk.

Gonna try to roll back drivers. I’m sure that
will work out famously!

Thanks for the help!

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