MSFS VR - Everything you NEED to know! | HP REVERB G2 & RIFT S

To be honest, when I have MSFS working well in VR I think it is breathtaking. AeroFly FS is a great VR experience though.

If I could bring all my awesome X-Plane aircraft into MSFS I would move my Air Hauler company to MSFS…but I just have soooo many great aircraft (and ortho and scenery) that I think it will be quite some time before I abandon X-Plane. It would be really nice if both X-Plane and MSFS worked as easily as they do in Aerofly. It is nice that it “just works” without any fiddling…

For me, this last patch seemed to change things for the better.

Flying around the San Francisco area in VR, I was impressed by how smooth the sim was running. I really need to decide on a test regimen however. MSFS seems very picky on performance at times. Flying around NY/NJ seems challenging while the LAX basin runs smoothly.

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This one I think - Render Scale to 200% Helps VR?

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HI all, apologies for resurrecting an old topic, but I’m struggling a bit with my Reverb G2 in MSFS 2020. Its reasonably okay in the air, but I’m getting jitters, blurring and tearing particularly taxiing as the view moves around.

I have a 3080 and i9 9500 and I have TAA selected in my VR settings in MSFS and using Steam VR/WMR for the G2. I notice that smoothing is turned off in MSFS settings - could this help?

And I’ve read folk talking about setting motion reprojection on, but I don’t have a fabulous understanding of all the different VR apps and settings (and if anyone has a foolproof way to get the mouse to actually work more than one in four times in VR I’m all ears).

Advice greatly appreciated - I assume that many of the suggestions in this thread are pretty outdated by now…

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I do not have the G2 any longer but remember that running it via OpenXR (as opposed to SteamVR) was essential for good performance.

I believe you need to get it from Microsoft Store (for free) and then make it to run the G2 instead of SteamVR.

Try to achieve this first perhaps and then fine tune later.

I recall the OpenXR allowed for differen under/oversampling and for reprojection all the way down to 22.5 fps (which still looked good). Impressive.

Good luck and keep us updated :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: You may check this video


Thanks - will advise