Muddy Jets: PvE mission of the month for Sat 16 Sep '23

It is not. Neither are drogue physics :sweat_smile:


I briefly played with F4:BMS after the drogue physics and VR were implemented, and man what an incredible experience. I find their Hornet is much ‘harder’ to fly, and had trouble staying on the basket though. Doesn’t mean anything, could be controls sensitivity settings on my end, or FCS implementation on theirs, no speculation here aside from it was much more difficult than DCS, not counting the basket physics.


Again, loved the AAR, TACVIEW shots and post-flight ribbing. Great thread! Hope I can make the next one.


it was definitely fun. had lower expectations :grin: since I have very little DCS time.

looking forward to next session smokinhole, so we can fly formation in those twitchy little Tygers.

need to re-examine my DIY extension on my X55 stick and its DIY desk mount. wasnt really happy with it while I have flown wing with Schurem and WarPig.

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Couldn’t make this one, but I’m really looking forward to the next one. Once I get a date I’ll see about bringing a few friends along!

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I had to adjust my axes for the F-5. That and the F-15C were far too twitchy and are the only modules I’ve had to adjust roll & pitch axes for.

I know what you mean, but my DIY desk mount was really wobbly. I added support to it. the DIY stick extension seems to be acceptable for now.

you need to understand that I am not successor of scandinavian design school like @Troll is.
I am follower of the ‘quick and dirty’ design approach.
thats why no pics :smile:


Hey, if it works!


Do post pictures, @NEVO I love the @schurem Schroot School of Simpit Design
Schroot being Dutch for scrap

That PVC tube stick mount: