Muddy Jets: PvE mission of the month for Sat 16 Sep '23

Based on the good turn out that we had in Aug, I thought that it was time for another. Although I had suggested the second Saturday, I have a work conflict this weekend (beer festival) that I can’t get out of. So, proposing that we meet 16 Sep.

Last month’s mission thread

Connection Info

DATE: Sat 16 SEP 2023
TIME: 20:00 GMT
PWD: mud-spike
MP Coms: Mudspike Discord, SRS available (
MAP: Syria
A/C: F-15E, F/A-18C, F-5E, Mirage F1EE (Hot start from parking.)
The mission is a heavily modified version of Operation Lake Retreat by RocketmanAL. If you download the mission, there is a PDF with briefing.


Strike: 243.000
Incirlik: ATIS 251.5 TOWER 360.1, 122.1 TACAN 21X (DAN)
AWACS: 251
TANKER: KC130 TEXACO 235.750, 11X (TEX)
TANKER: KC135 ARCO 240.750, 31X (ARC)

Aircraft Set
F-15E (4 x Pilot and 4 x WSO slots)
F/A-18C (4 x slots)
Mirage F1EE (3 x slots)
F-5E (3 x slots)

Loadouts (subject to change)

F-15E: 12 x Mk-82 500lb Snake Eyes, 4 x AIM120C5, GUN 100% PGU-28/B SAPHEI, AN/AAQ-13 LANTIRN NAV, AN/AAQ-14 LANTIRN TGT POD, 60 CHAFF, 90 FLARE

F/A-18C: AN/ASQ-228 ATFLIR, AWW-13 DATALINK POD, 2 x Mk-82Y 500LB GP Chute Retarded GP HD, 2 x 330 Gal Fuel Tank, Gun 100% HEI-T, 60 x Chaff, 60 Flare

F1EE: 4 x SAMP-400 400kg Chute Retarded GP Bombs, RP35 Pylon Fuel Tank (1137 l usable), 2 x AIM-9ULI, Gun 100%, 30 Flare

F-5E: 38 x 2.75 FFAR Ugd Rockets, 1 x 275 gal Fuel Tank, 2 x AIM-9P5, Gun 100% Combat Mix, 30 Flare


An informant brought forth information that ISIS leadership is combining their forces from eastern Syria at the abandoned Jirah airfield. They plan to conduct a new offensive against rebel held Aleppo. Significant personnel and equipment have been stationed at Jirah while the leaders are planning the offensive.

CENTCOM has authorized a strike against the forces stationed there to destroy and disperse the forces. Turkey is supporting the operation with AWACS against potential Syrian air response. Syria may potentially respond to the incursion of their airspace from a non-standard avenue that is being used to reduce tip-off to ISIS.

Blue Task

Pontiac and Chevy flight will conduct an early morning strike on the ISIS forces at Jirah airfield. The exact number of forces are unclear, but can expect

The island has minimal defensive units, primarily 57mm ADA at the airport, however possible 100mm ADA has been observed defending the harbor. So must maintain attack altitude above 15k ASL. Secondary target of oppourtunity is an Iranian cargo ship making it’s way towards the harbor from the West. Estimated arrival time is 02:30L.

Depart Incirlik AFB via RWY 05. Transit to WP1 at Gaziantep and check-in with Overload for air picture and enemy SAM status. After WP1 turn towards WP2 and decend to low-level flight to avoid enemy radar detection.

IP is located 10 miles from the target area at WP2.01. At the IP climb to FL 100 to identify targets. Make one attack pass, egressing to the west from the target area.

Post-strike egress to the NW at low-level towards the Turkish border. Once across the border climb to FL 250 for the transit home. Plan for recovery on RWY 05.

Primary Targets: Vehicle Targets
Secondary Targets: Infantry Targets

IP1A: Gaziantep AFD
TP2.00: Jirah AFD
OP2.01: Pop-Point
SP3A: Turkish border
SP4A: Incirlik

SA-2, SA-3 @ Abu al-Duhur
MIG-21 @ Abu al-Duhur
MIG-23 @ Hama

Friendly Assets:
AWACS- Overload (251 MHz)

Mission Map


looking forward to it :salute:

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Yup - have the Hornet and Mirage (and Syria) - I’ll decide what to use when I know what you want me to do with it!

edit: just remembered the OB woes - but I’ll have another try tomorrow and see if I can get it working well enough.


I do have Syria. No problems here.

Nevermind I’m in Italy that weekend.


I do own Syria, I should be able to hop on around 2023-09-16T19:30:00Z at the latest, but an hour earlier if all goes well.

Save a spot in a Mirage F1EE for me please!


Bummer! Maybe check in and say hello on Discord if you are board.


I’d love to join. Got all the things, but may need to brush up on operating them…


The Mirage is without a doubt the simplest of the three

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Certainly, but also the one I have by far the least hours on. For familiarity, I’d best choose the hornet. For maximum destruction the beagle and for most fun the mirage F1.


no Ponny? :horse: ? :wink:

have Syria and F5E only


We can do the F-5E like last time. No problemo.


Are you going to have a test phase going at all, before the event?

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In. Any module, terrain is good for me.

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Yes, I’ll put up the server this weekend with last month’s mission since it has the right plane set. Does anyone know how to get the dedicated server to time out or cycle the mission, say every two hours?

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New GFX card died last week so maybe next time.

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Thanks - I just did a test with a 4YA server that was only 22ms ping and still had major issues with mission loading. Offline works fine with OB.

I’ll try your server tomorrow between rugby matches :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that - they ain’t cheap these days - I noticed that even the cheapest 4 series card starts at just under £400 retail.

Under warranty so should see it again by Xmas if lucky I suppose. .


I’m in for a good time. I’ll take a Hornet if there’s one available.

My schedule right now is showing me home on Saturday, so hopefully that doesn’t change.


Assuming the timeframe Freak has posted for starting, I’d be keen. Not sure what the lag/latency is like from where I am, but I can always jump in the back seat of one of the F-15Es to lend a hand?

Edit: and I have all the other jets, only thing would be someone would need to talk me through the F-5 as I have almost no time in it.