Mudspike 2017 in Numbers

The Mudspike 2017 in numbers - here’s to a great 2018:

Article site page views: 1,352,000

Forum page views: 5,400,000 (yes, 5.4 million, we all need to get out more :slight_smile:).

Forum members: 672

Article site unique users: 161,409

Forum emails sent: 75,200

Most read articles and forum topics for 2017:

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Forum members with a consecutive 365 days of visits (which explains those page views I guess): Devotee badge on Mudspike Forums

The two ‘Posts of the Year’ entries:

Number of likes given out: 80,600

Number of automated spam accounts squished: 51

Number of forum HTTP calls in 2017: 48,900,000 (let’s keep hitting that refresh button!)

Thanks for @Fridge and @Troll for their continuing efforts to keep here a pleasant place to be, and for not really wanting to be moderators (which is the best qualification you can possibly have).

Thanks to @BeachAV8R for continuing to pay for all this (plus those that have donated as well) and for hosting us in his metaphorical front room.


Exactly… Who wants to moderate…?
I want to ban people. :wink:

So… I’m on the Devotee list.
Who needs facebook? :smile:

Cool stats. Glad to be part of this. Both as member and unwilling moderator/not exactly Pulitzer price winning author.

You’re a great gang to be associated with.
Interacting with people on Mudspike really enhances my flightsim hobby!

Here’s to an even better 2018!


I’ll claim healthy chunk of those forum views…


My chunk is unhealthy.


Real Life is overrated hahahaha



Hmmm i am sure that 111 should have been mentioned with maybe an F for fantastic in front of them.

Where the hell is @dicebot