Mudspike 3rd Annual DCS Fall Fly-In



I was thinking this…


Someone needs to provide a link to all of them. The way skins in multiplayer currently work is you can select whichever skin you like that is available to that country. Everyone with that skin installed will see it, everyone else will just see the default skin.


I tell myself that every friggin’ day.


I got that covered…
I did one thread with the requests, one with the outcome and one with all the links…


I spent at least 20 hours trying to get that stupid Su33 carrier mission to work just so I (yes “I”…because it’s all about ME) could play with the wonderful new Su33 model with friends. And it never happened :frowning: So, yeah, I am in if I get any of those days off and will try to schedule a slot to host it.


This could be useful to someone.


I’ll try and be there. If I can get my PC fixed until then that is.
The Fly-Ins were quite fun the last few times. :slight_smile:


Also just a heads up. I plan to have my Server up as in past years, but I think I’m going to leave 1.5 in the capable hands of @WreckingCrew and focus my energies on Nevada and perhaps Normandy.


Dangit, there goes even more money now.


Hey WC, do you know offhand what equipment is used in those missions? I’m about as rusty as can be, and badly need some remedial flight training. Thanks.


Mudspike Fly-In 20171203
Mission List
The Hollo Pointe server will host these mission in DCS v1.5 (with latest version available). In every case, read the briefing. RTFB


Erl Sis Urassis
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, M-2000C, UH-1H, Ka-50;
Red: Su-27, Su-25A/T
Combined Arms
F10 ALL, Labels Off, Winter, Start 0800 10JAN
Red Democratic Republic captured oil sites and is selling crude to finance their advances. The RDR is threatening Krasnordar-Pashovsky Airbase.
Blue Liberation Front must strike back against the oil facilities to stop the enemy finances. Stop the flow of oil and the RDR will collapse.
NO MANPADS. Fast movers have wingmen.

  • This mission has turned into a classic. It features a great Blue A-10 experience in a low-level ground threat environment, clustered targets for cluster bombs, and enemy-tank priorities if Blue Combined Arms wants to travel south. Blue and Red fast movers add an air combat experience and threats to the A-10s; the enemy AI fast movers will keep on coming as long as their opponents stay in the theater.
  • Red Combined Arms can win this mission with the armor and artillery.


Kill Fighters
Blue: F-15C, A-10A/C
Combined Arms
F10 All, Labels Optional, Visual Recon On, Start 0600 21JUN
Blue F-15Cs intercept Red bombers and fighters. A-10Cs destroy Red artillery south of Zugdidi River.

  • A-10 pilots don’t be fooled by the title. There is a lot of fun to be had in destroying the Red ground forces – just take care of that air defense missile threat first.
  • Originally designed as a Blue F-15C coop, your target is a 3-flight of Su-27’s. But your base is under attack by Red bombers with cruise missiles. It is a target rich environment, you have your orders, do you want to win the mission or be a cowboy?


Kill Transports
Blue: F-15C w/ Wingmen
F10 All, Labels Optional, COOP Air, Summer Morning Start 0600 17JUN
Two groups of four Red RDR Transports are heading southeast from Krymsk, along the coastal canyons, to Kutaisi.
The first group flew from Krymsk at mission start time. The second group is expected to rotate within 30 minutes of the first. Both groups are heading to Kutaisi.
Kill the transports before they can supply troops and equipment to Kutaisi Airbase.

  • All around fun F-15C action. You start from Maykop cold or warm or air start, and have a way to go south to the coast. Red transports are headed southeast along the coast and must be intercepted. If too many transports slip by then the mission is lost. You have lots of fuel, lots of missiles, and lots of threats.
  • I would love to run this one a couple of times with the F-15C experts here. This mission has gotten a bunch of love from me and @Dark_Star over the past few months. We know the F-15C systems but need instruction on how to fight. I find it difficult to pick up Red fast movers when they are down low.


Blue: F-15C, M-2000C
F10 All, Labels Optional, Start 0700 13AUG11, 3Hr Timeout
Take off from Kutaisi Airbase. Fly up the coast to Novorossiysk and turn in to land at Krasnodar-Pashkovsky.
Enemy fighters will launch when you reach certain navigation points. Civilian aircraft are not targets, do not fire on civilian/unidentified targets!
Can you manage your flight’s fuel to Novorossiysk?

  • Pick your enemy aircraft. Blue COOP. Don’t let the end bite you in the ass.


The Highway
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, M-2000C, Hawk, L-39C/ZA, Su-25A/T, Ka-50, Mi-8MTV2, UH-1H
Combined Arms
F10 ALL, Start 0900 23JUN
Recapture Novorossiysk base to win
You are northeast of Krasnodar airbase
Start at the northern tip of the lake
Fly down The Highway – stay low!
Escape and survival is the mission objective. The scenario follows a successful combat run above Krasnodar air base. All elements hit their assigned targets. Now, the A-10C’s are RTB when the entire region erupts with RDR air defense sites.
Unfortunately, you have few weapons left and one path to the coast.
The one escape route is ID’d south of Krasnodar and the waypoints are in the CDU. The lake exit point is marked with an illumination bomb.
Follow the waypoints to safety to the coast. Stay low.
The route is along the major highway in the region - a four lane highway - and all civilian traffic has been banned so any vehicles are fair game - weapons free.
It won’t last long and it may not be pretty. Good luck. F-15Cs will trigger Red AI jets when Feet Wet. Don’t let us down, Eagle drivers!
Timeout @12 Hours

  • The classic The Highway
  • STAY LOW. Sweet chariot. Red can win this with Combined Arms, so can Blue. But this is all about flying your jet down The Highway and ripping up the Red vehicles that never seem to stop. Repair at Gelendzhik, if you can land on that short runway. Blue helicopters can have a lot of fun in this, especially if the Hawgs take out the Red highway shooters. The objective is Feet Wet and attack Novorossiysk to defeat Red by taking the base. When Blue fast movers go Feet Wet then Red AI jets will launch.


What aircraft would you like added to the above missions? I’ll see what I can do.


This year I should SHOULD make it- having flown recently moslty the Huey, I’d love to be part of SAR operation with it, when otherwise no Huey roles are specified.

If that makes any sense. Sorry, too little coffee available this morning.


I need a chopper too. Huey for preference but Mi-8 will do fine, Cib’s taxi’s will be available for hire :slight_smile:

Too much coffee here, had to be up early to take my wife for a train free day and night for me YAAY


I’ve been dabbling on and off with Combined Arms, and though I still don’t know what to do with it most of the time, I’d love a chance to learn more.


I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it. I’ve got evening shifts that weekend.


That looks like a great line-up of missions WC. If I would suggest another aircraft, perhaps the F-5E. No worries otherwise.


Hopefully i’ll be able to stop by.


if i can ill be poppin my dcs multiplayer cherry for this :grin:


Will try to make an appearance, if I can put down SuperBug work for a few hours, lol.