Personalized Skins - Mudspike for everyone!


Hi all,
if you’re something of a regular around here you’ll know that I made a bit of Skins for DCS for Mudspikers.
I’ve been asked to provide links to the textures repository so that everyone could download them and see all that majestic work (ehh…) during fly-ins. :smiley:

Well- here it goes nothing!




Mirage 2000

Introductions Thread
Mudspike 4th Annual DCS Fall Fly-In Server and AAR Thread
Mudspike 3rd Annual DCS Fall Fly-In


I’ll always try and keep this lòist updated.
There should (and will be) more incoming.


PS: Had to split as only 10 users can be metioned in a single post.
Well- I thought these forums were cool… :frowning:



awwww :frowning:


@EinsteinEP Hey- all you have to do is log a request here… Personalised Textures - Data Collection Edition
Awc’mon- don’t tell me you didn’t see that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LOL, thanks for the service, @komemiute! You do great work!


It IS a pleasure. Now- about those 10K € for my motion platform… :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like you should spend a little more effort organizing a collection activity of some sort.


You HAVE GOT to be kidding me! D: THAT’S NOT FUNNY!


Ok @near_blind- this is the repository…
I just found out some typos in the first posts and I can’t modify them! :open_mouth:
May I direct your attention here? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a challenge for you. Watch this space :sunglasses:



So way back in the day Ken kesey and his band of merry pranksters drove around the states in this

It looks the perfect skin for my rotary wing bus the good ol’ Mi-8MTV2 and if that is too taxing for you let me know and I will find you an easier one :kissing_closed_eyes:


Nothing terrible… except to look at! :wink:
What I need, and I can’t honestly spend time on- is looking for reference.

The most pictures you find me the faster I will work.
Then again, if you can- use the “proper” thread. :stuck_out_tongue: