Mudspike 3rd Annual DCS Fall Fly-In



Can we have some f111 slots paweeease?


Super Hornet Slots


You are an evil man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right now, with the release of the Harrier rumoured to be happening on the 29th of November, it is looking like the DCS Workd Open Alpha branch will be moving to 2.3. I think that it is pretty safe to say that some missions will be set up to take advantage of the AV-8B Harrier when that happens - we are all going to be so excited to have another module to play with :-).

We will still have servers up with DCS 1.5 but will be making a 2.3 decision on or around Wednesday.


The CSAR birds will be busy while your all learning how it works :slight_smile:


Need a NTTR Version of the Highway.


Yes, we do, SkateZilla…
There is a four-lane out of Boulder City south to Searchlight.
Oh yeah, this will be fun. Start at around Luaghlin Airport, head north over the lake. You will be able to cut left and fly up the four-lane, or stay in the canyon to Hoover Dam. You must stay low and on path or the enemy air defense will get you.
Don’t look for this next week, though. It’ll take a while before it is ready to fly.

This weekend we’ll add the new jets to The Highway v1.5.7. F-5 aircraft included. Also will add a/c to the NAVEX mission.


Sorry. That was not well written on my part. 1.5 servers will be up for sure, as well as a 2.2 server. Depending on how the release of 2.3 goes we will likely move the 2.2 server to 2.3 but that ‘decision’ will be made after Wednesday depending on how the server admins feel.


What’s the diff between the F-5E and the F-5E-3, for Client aircraft?


F-5E-3 should be the player controllable version


The Black Veal Squadron (BVS) and 75th VFS will both be attending. To this end, I have made our skins available for download as well. You’ll know the BVS - we’re the ones whose aircraft look like cows! If only Gateway computers were still around; we could use the sponsorship! :laughing:


Somebody had to do it…


OMG, that’s hilarious! :rofl: :rofl:


Hi, @HomeFries, are you guys hosting? Last time we led the server names with something like “Mudspike Fly-In”. If you have a v1.5.7 mission that you want to run on Hollo Pointe we can put it there and set you up to load it.


I don’t have a dedicated server, but I can talk to someone who does. We don’t have missions in mind; haven’t thought that far ahead yet! If we can get more servers in the game, all the better!

Edit: as far as missions go, I wouldn’t mind doing some buddy lasing with the Mirage, or some pure strike missions with the Viggen.


Any idea if we’ll be looking at any joint missions like we did last year? My social calendar is filling up fast, and I’d like to know if there are any windows in particular I should keep open.


Man I hope I can get my PC back up and running until then. I haven’t missed a fly in yet and don’t plan to.


I’m hoping you’re there - I’ll gladly fly your wing again, and this year I hopefully won’t crash on takeoff.


Haha yeah that surely was a happening last year! :smile:
You can be my wingman any time. :slight_smile:


Right. I think I haven’t flown the M-2000C since that fly in. What a shame.