Mudspike 4th Annual DCS Fall Fly-In


I really don’t think I am ready for multiplayer dcs. I’d love to participate but may sit this one out till next year. Is there a way to spectate? Maybe someone could stream it?

Failing in MP is half of the fun! We all do it. :slight_smile:


There’s really nothing to worry about; if you can play DCS in single, you can play in multi.


So when I read this what comes to mind is that you don’t have a good idea of what a Mudspike fly in is. So here is a primer:

What a Mudspike fly in is NOT: An ultra organized mission setting with plans, packages, and complexity.
What a Mudspike fly in is NOT: A stressful setting with virtual pilots judging your skill and knowledge.
What a Mudspike fly in is NOT: A test of your abilities.
What a Mudspike fly in is NOT: An event designed to make you feel foolish.

What a Mudspike fly in is: A low key relaxed session where members and guests join and fly around together.
What a Mudspike fly in is: A chance for the members you have gotten to know via posting to fly and discuss the hobby they enjoy.
What a Mudspike fly in is: What essentially becomes a free-for-all that is enjoyable due to the sheer number of participants from this site right here.
What a Mudspike fly in is: A judgement free environment.
What a Mudspike fly in is: An event in which the best course of action is always to fly what makes you happy they way you want to fly it. Chances are good that someone will form up and fly that way with you.

Here are the minimum requirements to participate:
A PC with DCS installed.
An interest in meeting other flight sim enthusiasts.

Here are some things that will make the experience better:
Some manner of controlling one of the planes beyond the keyboard and mouse.
A microphone

If you are not sure you are ready for multiplayer then the Mudspike fly in is the best way to start.






So, based on the above, when I crash my Viggen, as I will inevitably do, there will be no taunts from @Troll…just kidding…I think we all agree that would be too much. :grin:


No taunts. I promise!
But for every Viggen you crash, I will destroy two Hornet…


I think that the only plane I’m halfway competent in is the free su25t. And I’m fairly handy with the tf-51d as well. Maybe I could be a spotter or a cameraman lol.

The a10c just makes me feel stupid everytime I fly It lol.

My favourite thing to do at the moment is pick a decent airport and plan a display routine to watch back later. I take immense pleasure from this for some reason.

This doesn’t bode well for combat operations…

God help me when the tomcat is released.


Vic man, do yerself a favour and get you a gunfighter such as the MiG-15 or the F-5E.

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I really REALLY want the f5. But I made a judgement call and bought x plane 11 instead of a dcs module. I’m actually really enjoying x plane. But it’s not scratching the itch for destruction…

I’m holding on for the tomcat I really feel like that is the module I’m gonna sink m teeth into deepest as I love the damn things so much… But I don’t know if I can hold out till then… I keep looking at flaming cliffs 3 but haven’t pulled the trigger because of the tomcat… (we have another baby joining us in February so wifey is playing hardball with the finances lol)


And damn well she should. Hold off on FC3 until it sheds its skin and becomes MAC. It’ll include the MiG-15 and F-5E too by the way, but without interactive cockpits. When the baby (and MAC) arrive, ask her to compare 40 quid spent for planes to 40 quid spent in the pub and ask her what is better value in her eyes. She might buy you the plane pack :wink:

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Oooh didn’t realise that! I think that will be just the thing I’m looking for. I’m not too bothered with clickable cockpits to be honest unless it’s the tomcat… I can’t wait to play with the switches on that.

But I do need a dogfighter. I enjoy nailing ground targets with the frogfoot but my heart is really air to air…


One of the charms (to me) for clickable pits is the startup procedure. In the MiG its very easy, but (to me) very zen-like fun; you flip all of the switches on the right cockpit wall (about 20 or so) after getting the ground crew to hook 'er up. Various things whirr softly and spool up as you do so. Then you flip six more on the other side and gently crank the engine. It’s not hard or terribly complicated, but every time it gets me grinning a big grin when the beastie comes to life and leaps into the sky ready to tear some bishes a new one with those three whopping big guns.


That’s the same for me dude. I really enjoy the procedures and feel of the startup in the a10c. Its incredible. Even the tf-51d gives me a warm feeling when it stutters and sparks into life. The thought of trying to follow mission objectives with live people giving instructions in the a10c makes me feel clammy and unwell lol.

Again the tomcat is something I could really get my teeth into as I WANT to learn it. But the MAC or fc3 f15 or f5e sound exactly the right sort of thing for me to use for a fun bit of aerial demolition… Plus it would be nice to understand Betty when she’s yelling sink rate or pull up in English instead of unintelligible Russian


You don’t own the hornet yet, do you? That would scratch all of your itches.


Ah man, you ain’t lying. The moan the engines make as they start cranking… Now we just need all the ambient background noises and 5MC announcements when on deck, and it’d be almost perfect.