Mudspike 4th Annual DCS Fall Fly-In


Agreed. If I had to own only one DCS aircraft, it would be the Hornet. The cockpit and flight dynamics just feel so comfortable and natural. Like pulling on your favorite pair of jeans, denim shirt, and boots. Superb detail, which gets better with every release. Carrier ops, widest of all aircraft mission capabilities, no nasty habits, looks fantastic, forgiving, deadly in the right hands. Gets the stamp of approval from current and former Hornet crews. Still under development, but the slow trickle of technology has softened the learning curve.


Dogfighter? You want Bug, Fulcrum, or Eagle then. No offense to the heavies like the Kitty or Flanker, but you can’t really throw them around quite the same as the Bug.


Hopping into the “Way Back Machine”…

USS GUAM was at sea doing flight ops when a friend of mine, one of the ships company Air Dept JOs in the tower (not the Air Boss) sees a young Fireman (the overall type of sailor, not the rate), obviously from Engineering (its in the Summer in the Med and he is pasty white) standing in the port side catwalk, kind of just looking at the flight deck activity.

My friend picks up the 5MC microphone and quietly whispers “Hey buddy”

The kid happens to be standing near a 5MC speaker. He looks around. My friend say, “Yeah, you in the white T-shirt” (The sailor has doffed his chambray working uniform shirt - its hot in the main spaces)

The kid walks over to the speaker. My friend says, “Just a little bit closer”

The sailor leans in with an ear near the speaker.

My friend yells, “GET OFF THE FLIGHT DECK!!!”

The poor Fireman practically left out of his skin and then disappeared from the catwalk with amazing rapidity.

My friend told the story that night while we were at dinner…bug juice just about came out my nose. :laughing:


We’ll be flying release version yeah? Downgrading to that now…

What time (Zulu) will we (or most of us) be flying? I live in zulu+1 and have parental duties during the day.


Stick with the Open Beta.


Lol ok, re-upgrading it again.


Just a heads up for some folks, the mission can take a few minutes to load; it’s not DCS crashing, just needs time due to the quantity of units.


Shockingly enough it’s actually all the briefing images.



Did we stabilize on the latest open beta build?



Fridge’s server seems to be from when I joined it earlier.


I am stuck at work for a few more hours. Let me know if there is an issue with the server and i can restart it remotely. @near_blind, i can also start up your mission if you want.


Don’t worry about it. I went out and picked up an cheapo 10 series card for my server so I could get some sweet sweet driver updates. It seems to be working much better than last night, so I’ll keep it up as an alternate.


I had a quick look at the log and the server wasn’t happy being paused for so long. The first person to join the mission ended up having to wait for all the Moose initialization stuff I have in there to complete (not that long in and of itself) but there were a ton of DX Error messages that were unexpected. I will take a look tomorrow but it may be necessary for me to join the server and then leave it to auto-pause as the Moose stuff will get done first. Odd though.


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