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What is FSEconomy?
Its a free 3rd party “world” where you buy and rent planes and airport FBOS, pick up jobs and make money. @Cygon_Parrot Basically explained what FSEconomy is better than I ever could, so read through his excellent write up for a glimpse of it. I’ll leave his post in the FAQ and update it as best I can.

Here is the users guide which will also walk you through setting up the plugin and creating accounts.

In shorter terms:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Post a Request New Game World Account in the forum
  3. Download the plugin for your flight sim of choice (FSEconomy will let you use FSX, P3D, and Xplane)
  4. Send me a PM and I’ll add you to our group

FSEconomy in action

I’ve had X-Plane 11 since it was released. Like many, I’ve wondered why there was no AH2 being developed for it. Then, a month or two ago, several guys on my home DCS VS also got it, and soon had the same question. A couple of them, who are more diligent/competent internet searchers than I, found FSEconomy, and invited me to join the group they had made. Granted, with a rather complicated set up, FSE nearly gave me a headache, to start with. However, I managed to get a successful flight or two in, and it proved quite a rewarding experience thereafter. As I have mentioned in another thread, I enjoy the challenge of finding my aircraft at some random base, anywhere in the world, and having to use it from there.

At present we are also contemplating the possibilities of using it in combination with Xsquawkbox and SmartCopilot, to really make our lives complicated, LOL! But for the moment, here’s a flight I did today.

Item number one on the agenda; find your aircraft. I wanted to fly the DC-6, so I did a search for one for rent…

625x647 93.2 KB

…as simple as that. No other specification except a rentable DC-6, anywhere. And I got this…

708x633 157 KB

The last one caught my eye. Not only is India where my mother was born, but Chabua is one of the bases where the WWII China Airlift (or “The Hump”) was flown from. I’ve been intending to fly The Hump on a sim, sometime, but I’m waiting for the JustFlight C-46 (which incidentally seems to be released, now that I check) to do it properly in P3D :wink:

For now, I will just see what is available from VECA in FSE. I sorted the jobs from Chabua by “Pay” and saw that little earner at the top, and found the rentable DC-6 there, too, with no maintenance issues…

1429x833 301 KB

The aircraft logbook, heh…

667x652 85.3 KB

Seemed OK. I won’t be using the GPS, so that much is superfluous to requirements. The rest looks acceptable. Alrighty, let’s see what the route might look like.

1425x678 222 KB

1422x658 263 KB

Nice! A cruise west along the Brahmaputra River, south of the Himalayan foothills. OK, it is going the other way to The Hump route, but looks right up my street, just the same. Let’s get some information on those airfields…

952x1194 307 KB

After some W&B, flight planning and a browse of the DC-6 POH ( kindly supplied in the add on docs by PMDG) for Performance, I concluded it was a most feasible flight for the old bird.

1280x720 628 KB

1385x893 383 KB

1382x890 178 KB

1382x890 392 KB

1383x889 450 KB

(Yes, I love this stuff…)

With all contingencies and most distant alternate considered, for a High Blower 20,000 ft cruise and a 69,990 lb TOW, 1,350 gallons of 100LL seemed more than fair enough…

420x559 44.3 KB

So, time to get the show on the road. But wait! Let’s see if there is another job from VEBD (Baghdogra), for when I get there, so that I can hang onto the DC-6 for another leg…

1414x577 201 KB

Well, how about that? Another earner all the way back the way I came, to Sookerating. In FSE, Sookerating is VE0F, but in X-Plane it is VE24. I wondered if this would cause an issue, but on the FSE forums they tell me it won’t, as FSE detects the destination base by coordinates, not by name. So, I’ll have that job, too, and put it in Hold until I get to VEBD.

1416x568 187 KB

1406x744 166 KB

Finally, I’ll commit the flight for the group “Touchdown Logistics”, instead of flying it for myself…

1413x404 93 KB

A quick glance at the enroute weather… ( :wink: )

1424x668 357 KB

Phew! I think that’s it, for planning. Let’s stroll across to the waiting DC-6, and sign into the FSE plugin in the sim. My first task loads up…

1440x900 277 KB

Off we go! Some gratuitous DC-6 screenies coming up!

A bit of a dismal day…

1280x720 351 KB

Checking fuel and pressurization and ambient settings, flaps 20º, main tank boost pumps on, lights, mixture and control locks, and what have you…

1440x900 468 KB

…lining up and applying take off power…

1440x900 245 KB

…and it’s on!

1440x900 140 KB

Climbing out and breaking out of tops, it was a little disheartening that I wasn’t going to get to see much of the Brahmaputra or Assam. But a job is a job, not a sightseeing excursion (right?) :smiley:

1440x900 151 KB

During the climb I kept busy monitoring and adjusting the climb power setting, going to high blower through 16,000 ft.

1440x900 409 KB

I hand flew the whole climb to 20,000 ft, tracking Dibrugarh VOR outbound, for some much needed practice of not engaging silly old autopilots and letting them follow silly old FMS route plans. It was grand! I switched it on once level and set it to track radial 045 inbound on Jorhat VOR, and soon after outbound 255 of Jorhat. There were some cruise tasks to manage.

Mixture lean and hydraulics off…

1440x900 334 KB

Spark advance for level cruise (gotta look after those engines or Maintenance will never lend me the AMM again!)…

1440x900 331 KB

Scan 'them gauges at regular intervals. It is doing almost exactly what the book says, taking into account the ISA deviation…

1440x900 509 KB

Finally, getting the fuel distribution right. I wanted to keep 45 minutes in the Alternate tanks, so I could use them as known quantity reserves, if I needed them, and equalize the mains. After some tank setting changes, I got from this…

1440x900 489 KB

…to this, and was happy then. All boost pumps off, as everything was stable on the engine driven pumps.

1440x900 443 KB

A quick descent calculation to 3,500 feet, at a desired 750 ft/m, meant I’d have to start the descent 22 minutes before ETA, which translated in 98 nm. That would be from Baghdogra VOR, inbound on radial 281. Hydraulic system on, again, signs on, boost pumps on, and descent power set. Spark advance set, and while I was looking in that direction, get the approach speed off the table…

1440x900 405 KB

As usual, I’m not letting the AFE do anything. Occasionally, he’d wake up and this was his view (such a marvelous cockpit!)

1440x900 525 KB

Evening was setting in…

1440x900 225 KB

There were now some breaks in the solid overcast, but I was way beyond the river by now. Interesting oxbow lake there, though…

1440x900 262 KB

Under the cloud-base, though, and with the sun’s low angle through the haze, the visibility became poor…

1440x900 95.5 KB

Well, I wasn’t going to see VEBD all that easily, and as I was almost perpendicular to the runway track on the inbound radial, it was time to pull out of the box of tricks the 60:1 rule again. To get a 10 mile final, if at 60 nm, 10º is 10 miles, then at 30 miles, 20º would be 10 miles (Heh! Heh! You know what I mean). Establishing heading 261º, then, I set the OBI to 360 (runway track) so it would line me up, more or less…

1440x900 429 KB

Intercepted radial 360 and started the descent. Finished configuring…

1440x900 106 KB

And presently saw the runway (yeah, not all that centered, what can you expect from an on the fly made up VOR approach procedure?!)

1440x900 384 KB

Down in one piece!

1440x900 138 KB

Cleared the active and packed up shop, including finishing the flight on the FSE plugin…

1440x900 199 KB

Checked results…

954x539 229 KB

So. I can understand why it causes some players a bit of stage fright, and why some others abhor it. But if you approach it with an open mind, ready for anything, anywhere, it can be some fun.

FSEconomy is OK!


Fist full of throttles there! Nice report

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@Gunnyhighway TY! That could function as a place-holder for now, but we could certainly work together on making a more concise FAQ style sticky, that includes some stuff on the FBO’s, perhaps, as that aspect is missing in my old write up. :slight_smile:


You are much better with writing than I could ever be, so whatever you want to add/write up is good with me!

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So it seems that in Discourse, “sticky” posts don’t stick (I know…I don’t get it either). Apparently Discourse thinks it is a bad idea to have stuff at the top of forums junking up the place (I’ve seen other forums with like 20 stickies…75% of them out of date). My “sticky” in the MAD-AH forum is similarly afflicted with not being sticky. I’ll see if I can find a way around that.

I don’t even dislike the way discourse handles them now. They are pinned at the top for as long as they remain unread. Once they’re read, they’ll allow themselves to sink with the rest of the topics, but pin themselves again if new posts are made. This also makes it easy to keep up with our VA’s NOTAM’s since if it ain’t at the top, there’s nothing new in there.

This website and forum is entirely yours and if you would like the sticky behavior to change, go ahead! But for me, you don’t have to spend the time and energy that might also be spent on something fun :slight_smile:

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Yeah - good points! I might leave it as is since the logic does seem valid.


Great write up, I think some of the most fun I had in FSE was after buying a 6B in Vietnam was the logistics of putting together the itinerary and charting it back around to the other side of the world. Thanks for the share

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MSFS client:

Will report back tomorrow on how well it works!


I’ve got it to connect, yay! Now to borrow some money from the bank ($0 club) and try not crashing a 172 with 2kg of cargo. I guess it is better to start off renting per hour with fuel (wet)?


I’m in as well :slight_smile: flying a haul in our caravan as we speak

Haven’t figured out how to hide the UI yet, though.

it largely depends on the prices being asked for dry and wet rental and local gas prices. For the 172 it’s likely not to matter all that much since its usually quite cheap to fly but hard to get a decent cash-out with in my opinion.


If you guys want to join the group, post up your fseconomy name.


I’m in the middle of moving across the country, so a little busy at the moment. I’m pretty sure anyone with admin privileges can add people.

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Nice, I was considering buying us a king air 350. The AFL version is outstanding, and now the base version of MSFS comes with one.


Can confirm that it works! made a few dimes. @Gunnyhighway sounds good! Also, best of luck with the move. Hopefully everything goes speedy and you don’t lose or damage anything.


Options > General > Camera > Chase Camera > Instrument Heads-Up Display (HUD)> OFF

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