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If you have a question about why you have not received one of the badges use this thread.

About 18 months ago I flagged a post of mine as inappropriate as a joke to test the “First Flag” badge and since it seemed to me that we were never getting any naughty users for me to flag.

We still do not get many but it does happen occasionally making this badge one of the more difficult to acquire. Which is actually a really good thing. :sunglasses:

Well apparently that messing around locked something since it was never resolved and subsequent flagging of posts which were deemed to be inappropriate did not award me the badge as I had expected.

Will one of the @staff look into what is necessary to clear this problem.
Thank You.

(I can also reference the other posts I flagged if you are unable to find them in the notifications area.)

It’s a bit hard to interprete the rules, but it could look like the badge award is tied to a user action. I changed it to daily query.

Could someone who never flagged a post before, please flag this post?

You can stop now… :slight_smile:


I suspect that it has to do with the fact that I flagged my own post and that post is still flagged and visible. The other posts I flagged have been deleted. To clear this error you will need to clear the flag from the post I flagged. I can’t do that but as an Admin you should be able to clear the flag without deleting the post.

This post I flagged skips post twelve in the thread since post twelve has been removed.

I flagged the post on 07 August, 2019

This thread stops at post 14 now.

I flagged the post on 12 March, 2020


Looking at those flags you flagged them as ”something else” and get a green 67%. One of the posts was also flagged by another user who got a green 100%. Could that have something to do with it?
We’ll see if Wes gets a badge for his flag.

So far, no.

I would suspect that the User who flagged it first would get the badge but that is strictly a guess?

My guess is that if you do not do something that triggers the badge as an Admin he will never get it. I am guessing there is a dialogue box for you to use for responses to the person who flagged the post. Plus another one that gives you specific actions that you can take regarding the flagged post?

And here is what I was looking to find:

Until you click the Disagree option on the post I flagged it will probably keep me from getting the Badge without Admin intervention.

Another relevant thread.


Moderators can agree, disagree or ignore a flag. In both of your examples I agreed with the flag. That takes care of the flagged post and the user who posted it.

The Badge description says you get the badge once you flag your first post…


Could this be it?

Evidently flagging as ”something else” doesn’t trigger the badge…

Ah, I used the “something else” option.

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I went looking and I can’t see a way to change the resolution of the flag or the flag itself. So it’s stuck that way :slight_smile:

Well that makes no sense for that option not to trigger it if the moderator agrees with the flag… :roll_eyes:

It could very well be the cause though since I do remember using that option when I flagged the two posts that you moderated. Must have done the same with my own post? Only way to know for certain would be if there is a message associated to the flagged post in Aginor’s football thread.


Yeah, you used ”something else” on that one as well.
I agree, it makes no sense, but right now it looks like that’s the reason…

Mind if I flag your post as “Off Topic” and then you disagree to see if that works?


Actually, to earn a First Flag badge, it should be triggered by a moderator agreeing with your flag. I mean, anybody can hit the flag icon. The big question is if they called it for a valid reason or not…


Looks like you got the badge once I agreed with the flag. I checked before I agreed, and it hadn’t been awarded by then. Or it may just be a delay…

I see that I did get the badge but will agreeing with the flag cause the post to be deleted?


I can agree with the flag and let the post stay up, get hidden or get hidden and have it reappear after the poster has edited it.

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