Mudspike Country Club


Lol I look tiny…


Are you guys playing with mouse or xbox controller? I started with a quick look using the mouse but curious what people are using.


Think I have a TM Warthog profile that should work…:are you right handed or left handed? wink:


Controller. I used the mouse in the original and it was just… Ugh.


The hat of the Logitech Extreme 3D…


I use the Logitech xbox clone controller. I initially tried the mouse and keyboard and I couldn’t seem to finesse shots. I have cleaner swings with the controller.

2 days left on the sale, fellas. If you’re getting in, better be quick.


Ha…that handsome guy in orange looks like he might steal your golf cart…

I haven’t tried a mouse - I really like the compactness and ease of use of the X-Box controller though…so that is what I’ve been using.


I’ll be playing pretty much the rest of the evening if anyone wants to join.


paging @BeachAV8R you’re offline on steam I think, can’t invite you


Yeah, just wrapped up another Web dot com round, but I have to dunk the kids and wrap them in blankets and shove them in bed…so I won’t be able to play tonight.

My round was the worst I’ve played in this game though…the front nine was just atrocious. I’ll be curious what you think of The House On the Cliff course when you get to it @Rhinosaurus. This course was insanely tight and difficult…I couldn’t hit a fairway to save my life. And there wasn’t even much wind…

After the front nine I was ready to get on my Gulfstream (oh…well, Tour…so more like my mini-van) and head home…

I actually played the back-nine a bit better…around even…but the damage had already been done on the front…

You know why I was tied for 122? Because there was no 123 probably…haha…

Had there been a “throw the club in the water” command, I would have done it…

46% fairways in regulation, 39% greens in regulation! :face_vomiting: The highlight was hitting a five iron into the hole from 190 yards out…

Brutal course. It handed me my lunch.


So we tried to give it a go but fearless got disconnected after our drives on the first hole and saghen and I had already played 18 so we called it. 12 mph winds though… Somehow managed to hit the fairway with a 300+ yard drive. We’ll say I shot a -6 for the whole 18.


Sorry to hear of the bad luck with connection. When I got back online after AFK, I wondered how you guys finished the 9 hole round in just 35 minutes!


Had another terrible round early this morning…it’s weird, I went from shooting a few under in my first five or six rounds, and now I can’t break par! Does the shot accuracy start to get harder as you gain experience points? Is the game ramping up in expected precision as you play more? I mean, it would make sense if it did…but it definitely feels like my shots are more errant more often now. Maybe it was the fourth beer… :thinking:

So finished the last event of the Web dot Com series with a really poor +7, but apparently my early in the season events (including two wins and one second place) were enough to put me in the Top 25 so I advanced to the PGA Tour…

Spent some of my winnings on a Mudspike Logo for my shirt… :sunglasses:


The club’s you’ve chosen dictate the accuracy I believe. Beginner forgiving, pro less so, expert most demanding. But they also let you drive further and probably apply more spin. I’m kinda making half of that up but it makes sense.

TGC does not have a progression system that artificially makes the game harder with more experience. It’s all skill based from the start.

Congrats on the promo. I haven’t won yet but two top 5 finishes have me up there.


Who’s Coach76?


That’s me. I picked it up last night.


I noticed this sort of thing a good bit when I last played, think I had a win and a top 10 and still managed to booger things up enough to not even make the top 50 by the end of the short tour :joy: One thing I can say for sure though is that if that I got the club recommendations in real life like I get there my caddie would be fired pretty quickly.

May have to reinstall to give everyone else a score they can beat consistently

*for the controller question, I like using a 360 controller, but swapping which stick to shoot with etc, I’m not left handed or at least have not been for the last 40 years, but seems to work best for me


I played a few holes to test everything out. I haven’t played a golf game since tiger woods 09 or whatever it was. The swing mechanics are excellent and I think I’ll like the game. I just need more practice with putting. I don’t have a good feel for it yet, I hit the green in regulation consistently, but I usually two putt into a par.

I’m using a PS4 controller and it handles like a dream. Only thing a little confusing is the game is using Xbox letters for buttons, so it says press X to change shot when it’s really square.


Well. Things are not going well this morning. Just takes a couple “very slow” down swings to totally ruin a round.


Heading into final event of the Tour season, I am currently 15th in points… looks like I’m going to need a decent showing here if I want promotion.