Mudspike Country Club


Things went really well (ok, fairways not belonging to the hole I was on saved me twice) until 15 when we had a bit of a putting hiccup. But a 27ft bird on 16 put us back in front. A brilliant approach on 17 put us within 5 feet of the hole for another birdie. 18 was our hole to lose… An absolutely horrendous tee shot put us nearly behind a tree way to left… thankfully a solid punch put us 140 yards from the green straight in the middle of the fairway. Nearly sank the birdie put but was a little strong going uphill, and had to settle for par.

Nonetheless, that sealed the round, our first and only win for the season, and a Tour card! 78.57% fairways, 77.78% greens… 7 birdies! for that final round.

I’ve set my PGA Tour to be full 4 round events, so it’s going to be much slower going for full results from here. Also the potential for much higher scores :laughing:

First PGA Tour round start off brilliantly with a birdie… and then things got volatile, with bogies and birdies all the way to the 9th hole where I finally settled at even par. A poor start to the back 9 ended up setting the pace and I finished the round at +1 and in 33rd place going into round 2. I’ll be interested to see how the cut is implemented (might need to check and see if it’s a setting or just automatic).

I’ve set up outfits for each round too :smiley:


There is something a bit odd going on, and like @Rhinosaurus says, it’s probably to do with the club bag (beginner vs pro etc) selection. On some shots (the ones that if you have a slow downswing sort of hook right severely like an ‘r’ shape) it’s like there is some RND going on at how hard to make the error - our first golf rogue-like! :slight_smile:

I did the front nine of the entry and did great, but got to hole 10, 11 and it all went to hell, like the ball leaping to the right like it was possessed but with about 3 mph winds. I think using a mouse along a ruler would help the hook mechanic… :wink:


Maybe I should look into installing something like this on my controller :smile:

but in all seriousness, while I’m sure that most have a 360 or DS controller, this is one of the few times where the Steam controller is a good option, the stick is real solid, probably also good with a Switch pro/elite/whatever it’s called (not the joy cons).


How did you get to choose how many rounds each event is? I picked Medium difficulty for both the dot Com and PGA Tour, but didn’t see where you could pick how many rounds? I’d like to have mine set to maybe 36 holes…

I played my first two PGA Tour events today. First round was a poor showing +4 for 97th place and I was starting to wonder what had happened to my game with three straight horrible rounds…

(Dumb that you can’t post your final card - here I am through 17 and then a par on the final hole)

Jumped right into the Transatlantic Championship on a wide open golf course and played much better at -3 and only one stroke off tying for the lead (do they do playoffs?)…


Ha…that’s a good one. Today I found I was having better luck by holding the controller in front of my face and concentrating on the stick with the golfer in my periphery. I was getting the vertical down and up movement a bit more precise than just holding my controller in my lap. Still can’t seem to get all the power out of the back and forth movement though…I mean, it is saying 100% power, but the back stroke is often way beyond that sweet spot. I did manage a 300 yard drive finally today. And I upgraded to the Pro clubs (middle level I think that is?)…


Found the setting…


I wonder do the XP points and levels maybe also make the required precision for shots higher? I really do think it got harder after about my fourth or fifth round…


In my experience (which is brief!) There is a left/right element injected to your swing by both your swing path (the line drawn) and your downstroke speed.

A swing path line leading left or right simply pushes the ball that way.

The downswing is a bit more subtle.

  • On a Perfect result, the club face is simulated to have struck the ball squarely (not opened or closed).
  • A Fast or Very Fast result simulates a closed strike, with the ball drawing in toward your golfer.
  • A Slow or Very Slow result simulates an open strike, pushing the ball away from your golfer.

And each of these layers also interact with each other. So for example with a swing plane that pushes away, and a Slow or Very Slow down swing… they are additive and I’m getting a very seriously right-bound shot.

The design seem focused on a more “feel” based approach, with the timing and pace of the back and fore swing tempo contributing as much as the technical performance of making a straight control input.

If my golf terminology is amiss, my apologies. It’s not a sport I’m involved with at all.


I think you’re right @adlabs6 - in that the pace of the downswing decides the open/close left/right nature of the strike quite a lot. It’s an interesting way to simulate the consistency needed in golf, even if it does feel a bit like a game mechanic rather than pure physics.

Hips don’t lie! :wink:


The downswing is painful. If I see very slow one more time Imma lose my mind. Ruining my rounds.

That said, just posted an even round to make the cut at the Caramel Creek (great course).


I draw comfort from your pain, in that I thought I was going mad. We just need @Troll to build us a robot now and the green jacket is ours!. :slight_smile:


And it also feels like there is a difference in pace/timing between the woods and irons, maybe wedges too. For me at least, a timing and pace that gives a generally consistent result for my driver doesn’t work on my iron shots.


So you’re saying the beer definitely isn’t helping…


Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m on it, ok?


I’m getting ready to change my steam name toV. Slow so it shows up like that on the leaderboards. Stupid very slow downswing.


Is there any benefit to using pro clubs vs beginner? Do you get more drive distance or something? Or just more difficult?


I seem to be getting about 15-20 yards more than saghen. He’s using beginner, I’m using pro. But I also shank mine more often. They are less forgiving it seems.


I went back to beginner clubs and am completely paranoid about ‘v slow’ so tend to twitch that stick like I’m generating power now.

I can’t believe you only get $73 for winning a tournament. What a rip!


I can’t believe you win that tournent at +2 :wink:


@fearlessfrog looks like he might just as likely pull a hockey stick out of his bag rather than a 5 iron. “Hey…is that pond frozen over??”