Mudspike DCS World Fly-In, April 15-17

@chipwich, at the last Mudspike Fly-in, we had three different servers running at any time, graciously hosted by @WreckingCrew, @near_blind, and @Derbysieger. Each server host has their own set of missions they use, each of those with their own modules. While I’m sure there will be plenty of variety to cover all preferences, if you do have a specific module you’d like to fly, don’t be shy: let us know.


Thanks guys. I’ll roll with what you’ve planned. Huey is fine and time permitting, I’ll get some time in the ZA this week so that I understand the basic systems. Cheers.

Hopefully my rig cooperates and I can pop in for a while.

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Dont forget to give some lurve to the ka 50…

Unless of course you can make a flyable F111

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also crap, I just self inflicted a bunch of Flaming Cliffs 1 nostalgia.

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ED Gib Crimea つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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Sweet baby jesus, it looked that bad? I sure don’t remember it that way…

There’s a guy active in the community who is still flying LockOn 1.02 on a daily basis and sometimes posting screenshots.
Every time I see them I am astonished how much worse the graphics were (but also how good some of the stuff looked!)

Until EDGE release DCSW and its predecessors slowly updated graphics, so I didn’t really notice the changes so much. It is the same effect that doesn’t make you realize how you and people you meet often change with age. Because that change is slow. :slight_smile:

Oh, and btw: Just in case the Gazelle will be released (or another patch happens) during the weekend the Fly-In happens: Will there be slots for the Gazelle already, and will the most recent version of DCSW be the required one or will y’all agree on a version and use that one during the whole event?

P.S.: i like the slight_smile emoji! :slight_smile:

Well, let’s see, on the Hollo Pointe server, it will be the v1.5 -
Definitely will start with The Highway
There is Back Of The Hand
Huey Apocalypse (did DCS fix the Huey take off yet?) :sunglasses:
New Combined Arms Tanks vs Tanks
Vulcans vs Sharks – you Ka-50 guys need more practice
Witches Hollo
A new Kobuleti Maru
Simply War
F-15Cs Kill Transports & Kill Fighters

What newer aircraft should be added to The Highway?


If you don’t already have the L39s (both the C and ZA), I’d say that’s a prime candidates. It’ll be fun to ride backseat down that highway!

The Mirage would also do well on that mission, I think.

Looking forward to the Vulcans - need to go brush up on my Ka-50…

I die well in ka50’s, looking forward to that. nothing like dual hydro failure to make your flight home an interesting one. Though, did i read somewhere lately they fixed that?

Ka50 all the way


Both of these, C & ZA, are now in The Highway. Four a/c each. No gun on the C so I put on the rocket pods. There are a few options that need to be set –
Solo Flight - I have this unchecked
Aircraft Control Priority - Instructor, Pilot, Ask Always or Equally Responsible ?
Dismount IFR Hood - to check or not to check, that is the question

I hope they carry enough fuel to make it to the coast.

— update
Added four M-2000s, too. Scheesh, some missions are never done.


Depends entirely on what you are planning to do with these.
Do you want to use them as trainers in your mission? If yes, definitely set them to instructor priority. Do you want experienced pilots to give newbies a ride in the back? Pilot priority! This is also the setting I would prefer if I’m flying with a complete stranger in the back who maybe isn’t on TS with me. Ask always is just annoying imo but it means no player can simply take over without permission. And finally equally responsible. This can be extremely hilarious and also very dangerous to the aircrafts structural integrity because it means both players can simply take control with the press of a button any time they want. If you take control during a high G maneuver and your stick is centered when doing so, don’t expect the aircraft to survive.

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Pilot Priority it is then!

Did a bunch of work on my new system to optimize DCS for SLI on the 48" 4K Samsung JS9000 monitor. Here is the post over in DCS Forums about the settings, and a new TrackIR profile to smooth out the view.

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-Whistle- Wow…that’s beautiful…!

Been practicing aerial refueling in a number of planes in case we have to do it during the Fly-in. Managed to stay on the boom from start to finish for the first time today, hopefully I won’t make a fool out of myself next week! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As you can see I still have some issues. I get dangerously close to a state of PIO multiple times.

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Very nice WC. Thanks for posting your settings too. I’ve been sitting on the fence due to the entry cost but might jump soon. The prices have come down a bit since they were introduced.

Nicely done Sryan. I get borderline obsessive about things like this in flightsims. I’m not happy until I’m able to refuel in one shot in each aircraft with the cabability. My current vice is manual divebombing in all conditions. So frusterating yet so satisfying when you get it.

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I seriously have to practice refueling in all jets again.
I used to be really good at it, but over the years I let things slide and now I am mediocre at best. Most times I can get refueled just fine without being a hazard for myself or the tanker, but it just isn’t as smooth as it used to be.

Very Cool wife is out of town…I’m so in…

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If we are required to grab a tanker, I’ll quote an old Eastern Airlines B752 captain friend of mine describing a night approach into SLC and being requested to shoot a DME arc, “If the FO hadn’t called visual, it was about to become nothing but elbows and assholes in there.”