Mudspike DCS World Fly-In, April 15-17

Mudspike will be hosting another DCS World Fly-In April 15 through 17. In the US, taxes are due April 15th, so if you’re waiting to the last minute to file, this weekend will be both your motivation and your reward.

Servers running the latest open release (currently 1.5) will be offering various multiplayer missions over the course of the entire weekend. DCS World 2.0 servers with NTTR will be also be available, server and missions permitting. Missions will be made to support a wide variety of modules, so there should be no need to purchase anything to join in on the fun.

Server connection details (server names, versions, passwords) will be posted on the week before the event.

Voice communications (TS3) are strongly recommended, but not required for most of the event. Mudspike TS3 server details can be found here: Articles - Mudspike Forums

If you’ve been putting off playing multiplayer because it’s just too daunting, or if you’ve been longing to practice tactical formations or advanced BFM with a human instead of robotic AI, now is the time! Pilots of all experience levels are welcome - newcomers are encouraged to ask questions and learn from fellow players, while experts can practice/show-off their more advanced skills, and everyone can talk flight-sim shop with like-minded folks.

Have a specific request for a mission? Looking to learn more about a specific tactic or system? Post it below and we’ll see what we can arrange!


Awesome. I’m on night shifts for that period…so if I’m not flying, I’ll be there for sure… If I get paged I’ll just have to eject… :smiley:

Sounds good!
Would love to join in for a bit longer than last time, if you have a server in Europe running as well. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Will try to be there work depending.

Fly-in 2: Return to the Zone of Truculence.

Now with even more truculence.


brb, making this happen.


Yes! Hopefully I can make a few missions

Looking forward to it!

I’ll try to get a L-39C multipit workshop going. Basics, IFR, Weapons - whatever floats your boat. All I know for certain is that I will use the IP priority setting for the workshop.

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Hey, that could be fun! I’ve flown the L-39 just twice, so I really might get something out of it :smiley:

I’ll be there (EU time) - last fly-in was a lot of fun and instructive :smiley:

Looking forward to it!

Sounds good, hope I can make it!

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Great to see you onboard again, @WreckingCrew! Any teasers for new missions this time?

Hope to see you there, too, @ParaBellum!


Keen as mustard!!

So I’m not new to DCS but new to the fly in. How do we work out what we’re flying, with whom and where?


Here at Mudspike we have a rigorous seven step registration process. You’ll need to fill out the forms in triplicate by hand, blue ink only. Fax one copy to the number given in the Mudspike Forum EULA you agreed to when you joined the forums. Mail another copy to the Mudspike Corporate Bungalow in Bora Bora ATTN: BeachAV8R, and then mail the final copy with your notarized signature to the Mudspike Administration Offices in Navi Mumbai, India with an enclosed money order for $7.18 (or a single crisp unmarked 500 rupee note). Don’t forget to save a copy for the post-application pre-registration co-verification validation session.

You’ll be notified by teletype within 4 to 24 weeks of when your validation session will be scheduled. A technician will call you at your neighbor’s house during your assigned 18-hour window. Please note, the technician will make only one attempt to call and will not leave a voicemail. To ensure quality service, the technician will immediately hang up if the person answering the phone does not answer with “To heck with the rest, Mudspike is the best!”

:mudspike: JUST KIDDING! :mudspike:

On April 16 and 17th, hop onto the Mudspike Teamspeak 3.0 server and look for folks in DCS World channel. Ask around and see what folks are doing on what server and I have no doubt you’ll get steered to the right place.

Looking forward to flying with you!


I’m not @WreckingCrew but since you ask for teasers I’m working on something for a Friday Night Operation with my squadron that might be suitable for the fly-in as well:


@Derbysieger That looks amazing!
Would love to do another fly-in, see you in the virtual skies (European time)!

Oooh I’m excited! I will try and coerce some of my part time fair-weather simming buddies to come and join too, maybe they’ll actually learn a thing or two! Or the very least be more stuff to shoot at!

I’ve been flying the Huey and Sabre mostly as of late. But, should I infer that the L-39ZA would be the sled of choice? Not that I am proficient in any of them.

For the Fly-In in general? Probably not. However, I’m going to host an L-39C/ZA workshop and I might host this mission as well although it is not at all intended as a pure L-39ZA mission. Playable modules are: L-39ZA, A-10C, Mirage 2000C, MiG-21Bis, UH-1H, Mi-8MTV2 and Combined Arms.
I’ll certainly pass it on to the other hosts so if they feel like it they can put it up on their servers.
I hope I can run a proper mission test within the next 10 days. If all goes well you might see this mission during the fly-in.

Most of the work on the mission itself is done. I still need to write up a briefing and add some good pictures of the AO. Apart from that it just needs some more event messages and proper testing before handing it off to the public.

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