Mudspike DiRT Rally 2.0 - December Rallies [COMPLETE]

A 2-part Rally Championship for December has been created.

  • Rally Australia (R5 cars)
  • Rally Finland (Group B 4WD)

Each Rally:
3 stages
Approximately 7 days long
The championship concludes on 16 December 2023 at ~1345 UTC.

:checkered_flag: :racing_car:

If you are not part of the Mudspike DiRT Rally 2.0 club, see this post about joining


@Snowy55 I was faster than you… for now…


Not sure for how long this car will keep driving at all

EDIT: saved by the service area… If there hadn’t been 2 of them, my time would have been very different


Nice! You’re aware that there are 3 stages? I see you completed just stage 1 of 3.

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Just set a time for stage 1. Car is totally busted!

I think I need (a lot) more pratice with a controller… and a bit of fine tuning. Does anyone have any tips & tricks for using one. Currently have left analogue stick set to accelerate and brake, right stick for steering. I can deal with the on/off throttle, but steering isn’t as progressive as I’m used to and I am way overcontrolling at the moment?

It is an old (as in ancient) Logitec Rumblepad 2, if that helps?

Oh, and how do you take screenshots?

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Assuming you’re driving on Steam, press F12. Steam stores all of your screenshots and you can view them after you leave the game.


Right then. I joined the event. I’m Klink2112.

Man, stage 2 was brutual for me. I jumped the start and got a 10s penalty, right off the bat.

Oh well. I’ll be interested to see how others do.


I am using the Xbox One controller that my girlfriend refurbished (the rubber behind the A button had to be replaced).
I am using the default bindings for it:
RT accelerate
LT brake
(both triggers are “axis” controls)
LS steer
A shift up
X shift down
B handbrake

I had to get used to the shifting, as that is done with the bumpers on PSP, but this seems to work rather well. I’m not using the handbrake at all though, apart from the start, as the right thumb is very busy shifting down when entering a turn.

The rumble is really good!

Not sure how much of this translates to your gamepad (are the triggers analog axes on your gamepad?)


Me too! And then those fences… If hardcore damage had been turned on, I would have had a smoking radiator by the 5th turn

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I started stage 2 and got interrupted then fumble fingers somehow started stage 3 instead of 2. Can I try again with those?

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Round 1 is a shake down for me. I am ‘slowly’ getting used to a controller, but after a glass (or two) with dinner tonight, racing can wait until tomorrow :wink:


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I took out nearly every roadside marker in my run… as well as lots of sections of fence :laughing:

The Monaro soil has a high clay content (i.e. slick as goose poo when it is wet). Plus the narrow cattle crossings, short sections of tarmac, etc and I think they have done a pretty good job of modelling the roads around here :wink:

I chose medium tyres for Stage 1 and was struggling for grip from launch???


struggling for grip from launch

Me too, very different from the Spain rally I did before this event, I did this all at least one gear lower for the same kind of turn.


Finished. No dramas on the first two stages, but the third, a slight off down a bank with a rejoin cost some time.

I’ve forgotten how much fun and stress this game can be. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, they have it looking like Australia country to me.


Finished 3 stages on gamepad.

GTI power!

My strategy this time was to overslow everytime my brain starts to overload.

Worked 80% of the time :smiley:


I had an OK 2nd stage, once again struggling for grip even with soft tyres this time and then went and totally cocked up stage 3 by picking up a puncture right at the start rolling once and multiple off road excursion. I had forgotten how much fun this game can be :slight_smile:

But I just cannot get to grips using a controller. I have never had a console so I completely lack any ‘muscle memory’ and it just feels totally weird and foreign to be driving a car with one.

I will definitely be setting up my wheel for the next round. I doubt I could complete a stage in a Group B monster with the controller?


Finished Australia. Stage 1 I hit 2 trees. Side swiped one and that sent me head first into the other. Luckily was slowed down for the head first.

Stage 2, that dang bridge at the beginning got me.

Stage 3 was a fun jaunt.

Loving it in the controller but still thinking about going wheel. Not sure though. I seem to be able to control the throttle better on controller.

Geoup B in Finland is going to be a nightmare.


Wow, respect. I’m just doing auto shifting on the controller. I have enough problems with keeping it on the road and doing the proper handbrakes turns without bringing in shifting.


Totally. I had enough trouble just trying to figure out what my right and left thumbs were supposed to be doing and mostly getting it wrong :woozy_face:

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Unfortunately, once you start a stage, you cannot restart it. If you DNF, whether you crash out (or the game CTD, freezes, etc), no restarts. :slightly_frowning_face: