Mudspike Farms

Farmers so far:
@rhinosaurus @saghen @adlabs6 @jenrick @aginor @DeadMeat

Game: Farming Simulator 2019

Server location: International
Server Name: Mudspike Farms
Server Password:



To join the farm: menu system, barn icon, select the farm
Farm name: Abernathy Farm
Farm password:



Discord is here (this link is permanent)


Snowflake Figurines

Current Map: Lone Oak Farm 19

Current Mod List:
In-game mod menu:

Separate site (install zip file (don’t extract) to documents->my games->farmingsim19->mods)


Nice! I’ll check by tomorrow, looking forward to it!

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What? We have a whole forum of simmers, but only a few answer the call to farm? :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest, I think this is more of a sim than the American Truck Sim or Euro Truck Simulator. A lot more variety in equipment than can be used. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If the number of times I’ve “bought the farm” in DCS is anything to go by, together we should have quite sizeable estates by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m still flat out on fs17… Sorry boys

I’ve bought FS19 a while ago but I was a tad disappointed to be honest. I’ve played a bit but I miss some cool addons I had for FS17.

Still a pretty nice game. I might try and join you for a bit some time. Maybe ride some horses or something. :smiley:

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Less excuses more farming!

Am I allowed to listen to and sing along to cheesy old time country music, talk in a fake southern accent and say yeehaw and stuff like that all the time?


Whatever gets people playing!

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Which ones? I used Couresplay a lot in FS15, I didn’t use it all in FS17 that I recall. Then again, I spent an awful lot of time logging in FS17 compared to FS15.

I only tried courseplay once and didn’t like it that much.

Some of the mods I used:

  • names for AI helpers (just a lot cooler when Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson and Taylor Swift tiller your fields)
  • better driving physics
  • some cars
  • some tractors to have more variety
  • some machines, like for example a front cultivator so I could put it on the front and then at the same time pull the seeder
  • horses mod (now stock and much better)
  • chicken mod
  • some root crop storage. (I think it is available for FS19 now, too)
  • some fences and other cosmetic items to build a nice looking farm
  • a shed with solar panels on the roof
  • some silo mod
  • a roller to roll over silage more effectively.
  • some mod that showed the status of a field in a better way
  • some mod for custom time management IIRC

I also tried the seasons mod but decided against using it until I have more experience in the game.

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I’ll be looking into adding mods once I know more about how things work. There’s some.neat stuff out there.

My mod list is loooong! I’ll upload a screenshot of it. But I have a serious amount of extras! My favourite being the huge heavy haulage pack.

My main wishes for FS19:

  • more variety for the look of the farmer, like hair styles, beards and so on
  • more realistic physics
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Ya the farmer choice was lackluster. Physics are kinda funny sometimes. I saw a video of someone riding a horse up the posts of the trailer and then posing on top… haha. Probably too much effort for them to fix something like that.

I’m hoping some of you guys get in on this action. Like I say, I’d be happy to extend some extra slots on this server if we have enough interest and get people online at same time. But even those of you in other timezones should feel free to hop in and have some fun.

The setup right now is just completely haphazard while we’re learning. I do intend to restart once we’re comfortable, possibly on a new map, and try and do things properly (set up buildings, only machines that are needed at the start, etc…)

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Ok, I am trying to connect now!
No clue how well that will work though.

Ok, who planted corn but didn’t get a harvester for corn? We have a full field of corn ready to harvest.

And a front loader with fork, and a flat bed trailer would be cool so we can get those bales away from the field…

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Hmm… unfortunately I cannot buy anything.
But I am plowing the field with the rotten plants, and I sold some of the grain, as there was a pretty good price for it at the port. 5000 bucks.

Also: I DEMAND the Cowboy hat mod!

Ah the rain stopped finally?

I’ll pop in in a moment. I should add the discord info too.

Discord added to the original post.

As for missing machinery / wrong types etc… that field was pre-planted :slight_smile: And I had to log off before getting the remaining bailing stuff.