Mudspike Farms

I did some farming.
Planted some oat, refilled both the sowing machine and the fertilizer, also got a weeder and used it.
Oh, and I reaped the wheat on the other field. But unfortunately there is no really good price for wheat right now so I left it in the trailer.
I also gave back the fork lift thing and just added the front loader to one of the tractors. Probably cheaper that way.

We probably need a farm house and a silo next.
Some shots:

Reaping some corn:


Wheat! (helper drives the harvester)

getting the bag of fertilizer

Weeder and bag of seed on their way!

Getting rid of the weeds

Time for some… Glyphosate or something. :smiley:

…and a full trailer of wheat. Someone has to sell it.


Oh, and TODO for the next player:

  • sell the wheat
  • probably do some work for other farmers to get a bit of money
  • buy a silo and/or a farm house
  • plow the field where the wheat was and plant something there. Don’t forget to fertilize.

TODO for me:

  • Find out how to take screenshots without the GUI
  • adjust some settings. The vehicles feel a bit strange.
  • learn all the english names for farming stuff. :smiley:
  • use TeamSpeak next time. (I might use discord after all although I don’t like it… depends on some factors.)
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Nice! Was good to get some stuff done together.

Good call on returning the front load vehicle. It was only on lease anyway. I’m still learning which vehicles can grab what with which attachments. So much fun!

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It’s going to take a lot to match the systems modelling of the DCS cows though. :cow2: :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’ve logged in the last few nights, but I guess I’m a bit later than all y’all. No worries.

Definitely with you on the physics they were way off compared to what I was used to. Driving was very frustrating. Also nice work on getting things done today! I second getting a silo, that solves a lot of the supply and demand issues. If I have some time tonight, I’ll see about getting some plowing down, and get something planted. Might I suggest picking up one of the seed drills that fertilizes as well? That along with oil seed radish as the first crop down, followed up with the actual cash crop using a cultivating seed drill, means you only need two passes and you’ve got a max yield crop.

Also feel free to post pictures of anything you want to know the english term for and I’m sure we can provide some, that are probably different in different parts of the country.

And I believe it’s F1 or F9 (one of the F keys, that gets rid of the GUI).

I enjoy cutting hay, so I may setup a small tractor with a haybine, get a tedder, etc. If anyone is interested in doing silage, let me know and I won’t tedder it (which a real haybine does for you, but I get why FS didn’t do it that way).

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Depends what time you’re out. I’m usually around up until 1130est. Sometimes midnight

Got in a hour or so just now before dinner. Cultivated 22. It needs lime, but I can’t purchase anything, couldn’t do it. It probably should have been plowed, but the map apparently believes lime is a more important layer to show me no matter what lol.

We need to be on together for me to give you permissions I think. Let me know next time! I was around and on discord :slightly_smiling_face:

Field 21 is plowed, but I didn’t have time to fert or plant anything. Whoever’s on next :slight_smile:

edit: also adlabs is now going to farm too :D:D

More people should farm!

Ok, so I’m in.
Joined the farm, and then in field 21, I used the fertilizer spreader. That field is now showing 50%, and needs Lime. I went down to the shop couldn’t buy the Lime… but I’m not even sure that the spreader will handle Lime?

Dunno but we’ll figure it out later. I’ll try to be on tonight, usual times.

When we’re on at same time I’ll give you permissions.

It’s kinda dumb that it doesn’t leave a full list of members who joined so I can just do it later (at least that I’ve seen). But I’ll be sure to give your perms next time we’re on. Same goes for anyone else. Those of you in euro timezones or whatnot - wednesdays are best bet for me to be able to do this as I work from home. Just let me know you’re online :slight_smile:

So some reading shows that we’ll need a Bredal K105 to spread Lime, as only it and it’s higher capacity version (K165) can do this job. I don’t recall seeing one at the field, but worth knowing.

Costs $39k to buy, not sure if you can rent or hire it. Lime cost $450 per big bag at the shop.

Not using Lime incurs a 15% harvest reduction, so maybe worth the tradeoff at the early game?

I think so.
As long as you fertilize enough and get rid of the weeds the yield should be OK.

Btw I just saw an awesome mod that adds Orchards.
I kinda want that.
…and the one with the Cowboy hats!!

can you provide the link to the orchards mods? I’ll look into it. I’m starting to compile a list of things that might be nice to have.

a few contracts completed at $16K each and this is easily affordable.

It should be available through the ingame mod window.
But here it is in the official modhub:

The hats:

And this one is great as soon as we have potatoes or sugar beets, it works like a silo:

And if we build several places to put crops or silage or something, then this might come in handy:

Also nice, for storing bales:

And cucumbers!

Wanna have some chicken?

And something small for a few horses:

I’m on now for a bit. Man, that’s a lot of weeds on 18!!
Too late to get rid of them now though.

I’d recommend grabbing a sprayer versus the weeder, you can cover a lot more ground quickly. Yes you are paying for herbicide, but it can do double duty for fertilizer too.

For some easy cheap money, a forage wagon (the kind that pickups cut grass, etc, I forget what FS calls them) can grab the straw after the harvest and sell it. You can bale it too, but that’s an extra step if we’re not going to be running animals yet.

Auto loader :slightly_smiling_face: