Mudspike Favs (Golf Club 2019 Favorite Courses)

I created a new topic to not muddy the main Mudspike Golf thread.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread of good courses that Mudspikers should try. There’s quite a few user maker courses. Some good, some not so good and some fantastic.

I’ll start off with some.
Vienna Golf Club by arcticfury85
Pebble Beach (there are currently 3 in the database, pick the one with the most plays)

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I really enjoyed the tricky one that was around the second round of the Dot Com tour…it was like a desert island but extremely hard and contoured like crazy… I’ll see if I can dig up the name.

It might have been The House on the Cliff course?

Caramel Creek is an official course but one of my favourites. I’ll dig out some others when I get home.

I would also suggest the following for our weekly events:
Scarlet Inn, Germany
Harbour Town Heritage Course
Augusta National 2019

I actually played Harbour Town once in real life. It was awesome. And I probably desecrated the course with my performance. Also had the chance to play Kapalua on my wedding day…

My brother (PGA pro), my Dad (scratch golfer), and me (professional beer drinker and beer cart girl ooogler)…

My brother on 18…


I’ve added those as the next two events. The third one isn’t coming up in search no matter what combo of words I use.

How about Magnolia National…is that it in disguise? Just Google searching…but some of them might get removed as fast as they show up for perhaps legal reasons?

Magnolia Nation and Augusta National 2019 are basically the same. Seems like Augusta National has more plays and is more highly rated. Augusta has been in the database for 2-3 months now. Hopefully it’ll still be there when we play it.

I highly doubt any of these courses get removed for copyright

Kipahulu Reserve is a fun one