Mudspike Food Thread

I was told to create this, and so it was. Post your obnoxiously amazing food stuffs here so that others may bask in its caloric greatness.

This was TILT burger in Portland, OR. Not pictured was the giant line of pies and cakes available. I’m not entirely convinced the whole thing isn’t a front for insulin manufacturers and the local cardiatric ward.


Alright, French cooking made easy:

Minimum effort- you quarter a lemon, chop some shallots in half, crush some garlic, flour some chicken, and toss it all into an oiled oven dish. Then, drench with vermouth and toss with a precise mix of half your spice cabinet. Throw it in the oven for an hour (baste somewhere in the middle) and you’re golden.

Reheats like a champ. Pair it with your favorite starch and vegetable sides.

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Argh…that burger and fries looks soooo ridiculously good. I’m on a Keto diet right now…so I could only eat the meat and lick the cheese off the fries. Ugh. I’m so tired of bacon and eggs. Hard to believe, but true.

Had to do it though. Tipped the scale at 230 the other week. I weighed 190 two years ago when I ran that triathlon. Goal this time is 190 and to never let it get above 195. I’m 6’ 2" - and 230 doesn’t look horrible on me…but it ain’t good either.

Tomorrow morning I’ll post up a picture of my Keto pancakes…

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I’m a fan of the Green Egg / Kamado Joe types now. Great for doing quick grills like a steak or long smokes like a brisket.


Talk Pastrami to me…

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@near_blind, that looks an awful like an animal -style double double and animal-style fries…

Thats no pastrami. Just straight Brisket to smoke… god I miss Texas


I was about to say but twice as pretentious, but I don’t know about that. I’ve met some pretty ardent In-N-Out fans.

It was still amazingly delicious.


Did someone say In-N-Out?

It’s one of the few fast food outlets worth a transatlantic flight!

:hamburger: = :grinning:


I’m gonna rustle some feathers with this, but Cook-Out >> In N’ Out.

I cook a lot. I am currently working night shift and my schedule does not afford me a lot of spare time during the week. So in order to not spend my sim time cooking and then cleaning up during the week, I cook all my meals on Saturday. I do this at night as I said, I am on night shift so between midnight and 3 am I am cooking then cleaning up.
Meals are then put in Tupperware and ready for the week. Some get frozen too.
This weekend I made,
Red rice and beans with shrimp = This may kill me between the starch and cholesterol.
Oven baked Lamb chops with Roasted carrots and potatoes = More fat and starches
Oven baked Salmon = A break from fat and starch
Chicken cubes marinated in Nandos sauce (overnight) and pan fried. = Not a bad choice depending on my side dishes

Problem with nights is that I cant drink when I get up in the evening. I eat breakfast at 4 pm. A glass of wine or a beer is what I drink about 9 or 10 am before I go to bed.

+1 for cookout, when I showed up In goldsboro I became a rapid convert


I’m willing to be convinced, but given that watermelon milkshake abomination you posted about in the summer, it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

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And now it’s pumpkin and pumpkin pie milkshake season. It’s magical.


Watermelon Milkshake?

How does that even work?

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I can kind of see how Pumpkin Pie would work in Milkshake, but watermelon is just plain weird…

Thanks, Now I’m Craving a Huge Greasey Cheesy Burger and Fondue Fries

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It comes together better than any plan ever hatched by Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith. Better than the Beatles song. The trick is to freeze the pieces of watermelon before you add it in.

I honestly don’t get why In-N-Out is so popular. It seems like it’s always busy, regardless of time of day.

And, to me at least, it’s just not that good. You have to get the burgers animal style to have any flavor and the fries taste like cardboard.

Being from Texas, I always get the “Oh you just don’t like it because it’s not Whataburger.” But nope… and frankly, I don’t even think Whataburger is that awesome either.

Standing by for the incoming hate from all the In-N-Out and Whataburger fans that I just pissed off…