Mudspike Food Thread


It’s a relative thing. In-N-Out is quick, cheap, efficient and consistent. The ‘how good’ factor is about 63% better than, say a McDonalds. The beef is good and the fries are potatoes but it’s not like it is the best ever at anything. It is more that I associate them with a Cali trip and that I’ve not had a bad one (as yet). The In-N-Out praise is more a ‘but then why is my local XYZ so bad?’ reaction. :slight_smile:


What’s the prevailing opinion on Five Guys? I’ve eaten there half a dozen times…better than McDonald’s, BK, and edges out Hardees too I think.


It’s pretty darn good, but in a strange place, much like Smashburger. Definitely above normal fast food, but not quite at “gourmet fast food” or an actual restaurant. Relatively speaking, what I’d spend at Five Guys is not that far beneath what I’d spend at a gastropub which would be noticeably better and also involve beer. Admittedly the gastropub would take more time, but if I’m in a rush why wouldn’t I then go down a notch to normal fast food? (See: In-and-Out)


Agreed. I’m a big fan of Five Guys, thankfully where I live just got one.

A similar place out here is Habit Burger. It’s in that spot in between a normal sit down restaurant and fast food.


Yep, we have a Five Guys near me up here. It’s very good but expensive for what it is. Cost wise it has to compete with a TexMex, Chinese or Indian restaurant take-out prices, and it often doesn’t make the cut.


Yyyup! If it’s down to Five Guys or the local hole-in-the-wall Mexican fast food joint, the Burrito of Truth is gonna win 9 times out of 10.


Pretty much what everyone else said. 5 Guys has been effectively removed from my menu because down the road there is a local family burger shack that offers a superior, albeit simpler product for similar prices, and 10/10 times I will support the small local people.


Beach, if you’re up here I’ll take you to Chuck’s. Much better than Five Guys.


We also have Five Guys but, as @fearlessfrog says, it’s a good burger but really expensive for what it is. Then again, that probably explains their rapid expansion.

Over the last five years home style American style food has become massive in the UK, with an explosion of burger stands, mac’n’cheese and even a few taco trucks.

If you find yourself in London I can recommend a Dirty Burger…


But… but… what about Fish and Chips in Newspapers?
Without those it isn’t London anymore!


If its not Shake Shack its a waste of time… end of story. Also agree about 5 Guys. Its fine but, there are much better options.


Haven’t been able to get fish and chips in newspaper for at least 20 years.

@Tyco Shake Shack is ok but at least you didn’t say Wendy’s


Oi, best not be speaking ill of Wendy.

Their headquarters was down the street from my house. Dave Thomas was a local hero. I’ve been to the original before the tore it down. Is it Shake Shack? no. Is it good for what it is? You bet. Plus I cannot describe the joy of eating the day old ground up hamburger they call Chili after an NHL game on a cold evening.


I mean I could mention A&W Canada. @Tankerwade will back me up.


They’ve stepped up their game recently. They are currently about 1.2 on the MacDonalds Edible Base Index scale. The Root Beer Float with the ice glasses is nice, and they are about every 10 blocks up here in Canuck land.


Food thread… END IS NEAR :bangbang: :end: :scream:


What about those onion rings though?


I moved in to an apartment… I Miss my GRILL Booo hoo hoo


Japanese style noodle soup. So good.


Hey @simfreak could you disclose the recipe via PM? :stuck_out_tongue: