Mudspike Food Thread


Don’t know…it was about 1100 yen though.


LOL! Sorry I thought you cooked it! :blush:


Tyco knows. On my wife and I’s annual trip to PEI there is always an A&W stop along the way.They do a good job and I love the little fry baskets the fries come in. Mugs of root beer! But admittedly the attraction for us is that we don’t have them in NH.

We have a Five Guys around the corner from my office, but like @near_blind said - we have a local joint that does gourmet burgers and shakes called Lexie’s that is 100 times better and more reasonably priced.

For example -

Urban Cowboy
Cheddar / Avocado / Bacon / Crispy Onions / BBQ / Chimmichurri
Lexie’s Big Mouth
American / Bacon / Herbed Aioli / Roasted Tomato / Carmies / Fried Pickles

If you are ever on the NH seacoast I urge you to check them out (and look me up - I’ll go with you!)


Lived in California for over thirty years and I still only go to In & Out if someone I am with just has to eat there. Personally I could go for the rest of my life and never eat there again.



Ok. TIL Arby’s.

It’s 0900 Local and I totally want a dozen of these.

With a side order a dozen of these.

And a large diet coke. I’m worried about my waistline.


I can’t do Garby’s anymore, but this intrigues me.

Does the Reuben exist in Italy?



┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Crazy, right?


You guys need to fix that. The Reuben is love. The Reuben is life.


I. Know. ಠ_ಠ


Been there in Pittsburgh- around it. Can’t remember. Was it Aspinwall?


Sigh Not what I wanted- and it’s NOT good looking but that’s Horse Meat and it was pretty frigging good!

Banana for scale…


Well I certainly hope you weren’t forced to hang out around Aspinwall for too long. :grin:

Apparently The 'Burgh made its way to the top of Zagat’s “Top 17 Food Cities of 2015” list- the city certainly has its share of fun and interesting places to grab a bite (or a drink).


Let’s put it this way- I was 17, Italian in US of A, in a nice Aspinwall suburbs and totally for free. For. A. Month.
Best vacation ever! It was like being in a Movie! Plus my cousins friends were super nice and a couple of girls pretty hot. I was just waaaay too dumb. :smiley:
I even snatched a ride in the Fire Engine as my uncle Joey was a volunteer driver there…

GUys- there was even a huge protestant wedding (my aunt) with a before-BBQ and a typical wedding party I just couldn’t believe! :smiley:


man- to be seventeen and clueless again…



All this talk about reubens this morning has me hungry for a corned beef and pastrami

Thanks… still a couple hours till lunch :angry:


My brain has autocorrected Ruben to Cuban and now i want one of those instead


When we drove ATL-CLT-CHS the other day to pick up a walk-in cooler, my brother suggested that we stop at Hardees for a hamburger. I hadn’t eaten there in about 20 years. I have to say for fast food that Thickburger was definitely as good as or better than 5 Guys and In N Out burger. The difference is that you also get fries/onion rings and a drink for what the other guys charge for their burger. Warning: it is 790 calories before you add bacon, onion rings, or Hardees sauce.

I haven’t been a big fan of Hardees over the years, but the fact that my memory of my Phantom driving dad loving to eat there should count for something.




I’ve been back on the east coast for 5 years now and haven’t been back to Hardees in way longer than that. Do they still have the peach milkshakes?

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Hey @Navynuke99, I believe those might be seasonal or geographical. Lately, I’ve been pretty much addicted to the Chick fil-a Frozen Lemonade shakes. Made with diet lemonade and they are maximum pleasure for minimum damage, if you care about such things. Probably seems out of place in a food thread LOL.