Mudspike GC - 2021 Season

For anyone that is interested - PGA Tour 2K21 is on sale at DLGamer (make sure you pick U.S. or Europe for your store) for basically half price. Standard ($29.40) and Deluxe ($34.30) versions available (the following are US links). The game activates on Steam.

I just purchased it an played one round at the nearby course of Quail Hollow. Graphics are really not much improved over the older The Golf Club 2019, but I can put everything on Ultra and gameplay is much smoother. No glitches, no stutters. Game swing mechanics with the X-Box controller still seems solid - hard enough to make you work for it.

Started out spending 20 minutes playing dolls with my character. I know. Where do I turn in my Man Card?

Game interface and mechanics are still good - maybe even some improvements…

Took me a bit to get…cough…into the swing of things in my first round. I’m using the “Pro” swing setting, which seems unforgiving enough. Double-bogey - bogey - bogey - par…I thought maybe I was starting to get some of the old form back…

But then things went sort of meh and it felt familiar to be having fits of glorious shots along with horrible failures in my bump and run game…

To my surprise, this latest edition of the game still has not modeled throwing clubs…darn…

Well, at least I can say I’m consistently inconsistent. 36 and 36 for a +11 score of 83.

So I set up a new society under Mudspike GC. I’m not sure how you join if you want to play - perhaps search for Mudspike in the societies page or something. I set it to Private so that we would only get Mudspike alumni.

@Rhinosaurus used to be the curator of the previous Mudspike club, and he no doubt has some tips to offer. I set the first event to start on Thursday morning (11/26) and run for four days with four rounds. I have no idea what I’m doing with the Round Settings, so I kept them pretty tame…moderate greens and fairways, moderate weather.

Hope to see some of you on the course! If not during the tournament, maybe at some other point!


How is putting? Always found short game stuff very frustrating in sims. Though I do make more 3-footers in sims :thinking:

I think the putting is improved because they added a strength bar with some target strength indicators. You still have to figure out the aim…but that bar I feel gives a better chance at it. I think there are multiple levels of overlays/cheats available…I’m trying to play with like level 3 of 4 settings with stuff…which seems like the appropriate amount of challenge for a game anyways.

Dammit. I’m going to have to get this, aren’t I…

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I can’t decide if not recommending makes people buy stuff or recommending it does. I’ve confused myself…


I went ahead and changed the season opener course from the Cliff House to Ocean of Memories. I was hoping for a Kapalua like course, but the Kapalua offerings are too zany. Cliff House was far too difficult I felt…it is rated “Medium” whereas Ocean of Memories is “Easiest” (then there is Easy and Medium and I guess Hard?)…

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Getting on with the PGA Tour mode - Q-School didn’t come out very well for me. Missing the cut by 11 strokes in a disastrous opening round…

Half price is good. Bought deluxe … see you out there after a bit of practice. :slight_smile:

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Took another crack at the Q-School. Still set for medium difficulty and 36 holes (2 rounds). Had some nervous moments when I was sliding down the leaderboard, but I finally find a rhythm with my driver…

Funny, I just said the same thing after my last two RL rounds. Didn’t score any better but, dang, feels good to smack the big stick well (for a change).

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You just need to bulk up and take the fairways out of play! Tee to green on every hole! :rofl:


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So close to pulling the trigger on this, before I do is this just like the older games, where we can play each other but dont have to be on at the same time?

Edit: Pulled the trigger, downloaded now, see you guys on the green!

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I believe it is - the tournament mode is available for whenever you want to play it. It runs 4 rounds over 4 days…but you can play them as fast or slow as you want.

See you guys on Thursday!

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What swing settings are you guys using? Mouse or Game pad and back swing enabled or disabled?

Just curious, I played the Q School final and finished 3 under and tied for 8th. I had some issues mainly my struggle with par 3s and then every once and a while I slice it right off the tee. Im using mouse and backswing is enabled.

Overall the game seems great, Putting has always been my bread and butter and it seems easy to read the green and the ball reacts pretty much how you would expect it to.

I’m using the X-Box controller with back swing and forward swing I guess is how I’d describe it. I use the left X-Box control stick, pull back and push forward in as smooth a motion as I can muster. I’m often fast or slow on the swing… I’m using the Professional setting whatever that means. I think it gives you good distance, but at the expense of having to be a bit more accurate in the swing plane. There might be one setting beyond Professional too I think (?)…

My downfall is definitely chipping. Those 15 to 10 yarders I can’t seem to get right…they either blow past or end up 5 yards short… Very much like real life… :rofl:

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Good grief - TPC Sawgrass is a tight course. I don’t think I’ve hit a fairway yet in the first 9 holes… :rofl: :deciduous_tree: :golfing_man: :deciduous_tree: :man_playing_water_polo:

Flop shots are you friend.


Yeah…funny you say that because I just discovered that works pretty well out of the bunkers too! The ball sits down pretty well.

Any-who…TPC Sawgrass I managed only 28.57% fairways in regulation…

Finally…after four events where I just sank quickly…not even making the first round cut, I found a course that seems to suit me at the Lighthouse Open at Royal Ethelwind. Wider fairways and agreeable green…at least in calm winds…

I’ve only played the front nine so far…sitting on -2 in 15th place. I’m usually down in the 50th or 60th place by the end of the front nine on other courses…

Must. Hold it. Together.

I finally made a cut. Just once I would like to complete a full round with no bogeys though…I was on track this round, then screwed it up. Royal Ethelwind does have some cavernous bunkers if you have the misfortune of finding them…