Mudspike GC - 2021 Season

Those graphics look awesome. You’re tempting me into buying it. I’ve never been big into golf games, except for Golden Tee at the arcade back in the day lol

Once you go ultrawide, there’s no going back!

I’m using the “Pro” swing setting because I read that Beach was using it. :slight_smile: I’ve never been a fan of controllers but I’m using my cordless Xbone since there’s nothing “natural” about using the mouse or controller stick swing but my swing is more consistent with the controller. I like having all the easily accessible controller button functions too … it’s just plain more fun using a controller.

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Thanks guys! I might have to switch to my wireless xbox one controller. I have played 2 rounds so far and finished 4 under and 8 under with the mouse. But both rounds had their oh crap moments off the tee

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Yup, there’s only going forward when you get an ultrawide ultratall. :wink:

Just played a round at Scottsdale with the Xbox One Controller. I like the thumb stick swing way better. Now I just need to understand the backswing mechanic. Sometimes I was way way slow and Im not sure what I did wrong.

Also Scottsdale is very windy.

Also also @BeachAV8R I am apparently awaiting membership approval for Mudspike GC. Same user name as on here.

I’ll get the Mudspike GC approvals sent tomorrow… :+1:t2:

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I couldn’t resist. Signed up, yet to play a round but will hopefully play the inaugural Mudspike GC 21 tourney over the weekend.


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So it looks like the setting I choose for the first event does not include the swing power meter on the bottom of the screen. Apologies for that…but we will have to suffer through it until the end of this event. I only realized it when I started Round 1 this morning and saw that it was missing from the bottom of the screen. Does make for a more challenging power management unfortunately…

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Played the first round and yeah no power bar makes a big difference! I have no clue what to “key” off of to figure power out. Fun course, even though I managed a wonderful +6 on the first round.

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When you sense the tipping point in the momentum of your backswing :wink:


Well for round 2 I must have been in a better place. First 9 I was on fire! 6 under going into the 10th. Then the 10th happened, Sliced it off the tee into the water, then the next shot I rolled into the water. 9 shots on a Par 5! Rest of the holes went well and I finished round 2 5 under. Im currently +1 after 2 rounds.

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Done the first two rounds…

I did the training and played 3 holes of the Qclub PGA tour then straight in to the Mudspike tourney.

Something has changed… Golf has broken out between TGC 2019 and PGA2K21, it won’t continue, I’m the master of choking.

Good to be back in the course. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah…I started my first hole and took my backswing and was like…uh…something is different…what is it? Took another backswing and realized there was no power bar at the bottom :see_no_evil: After a few holes I started to feel the rhythm…but it IS different for each length club…so definitely a challenge. For the next tournament I’ll try to get that set correctly…

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Played round 3, if you can call it that. Dang backswing mechanics got me good this time.

All was looking good, I eagled hole 2 and though sweet on we go! Then it seemed like every hole on the front 9 after that I couldn’t swing right off the tee. This continued wonderfully on the back 9 and then I started having green issues, the ball just wouldn’t fall in the hole.

Needless to say, i managed a +11 for round 3 which brings my total to +12 thru 3 rounds.

So dont worry boys, Ill bring up the rear!

@BeachAV8R I think I got the power down but the wind gets me everytime.

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I can’t remember what weather conditions I set…but I think I set light and moderate for the rounds. If we ever end up over in Ireland we’ll crank it up…

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What a disaster. Played the first round at even after 16 holes. Paused my game to go fishing…and obviously lost my temp…LOL…played holes 17 and 18 at five over par.

Moral of the story…never quit your play mid-round (unless you are tanking)…

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Dang…so after my +5 strokes in two holes meltdown at the end of Round 1, I got back on my horse. I was sooooo excited that I was playing…well, steady. I didn’t care about winning the tournament, but I actually made it 16 holes and was on the verge of turning in my first scorecard with no bogeys or worse. I’ve played plenty of rounds below par before…but I’ve never had a round where I didn’t bogey something.

I was doing so well. Then I pushed one on 17 and my chip was just in that range and amount of break to be difficult to hole out. Argh!!!


Well, if you take out my +5 anomaly at the end of Round 1, I was definitely pretty consistent…would have been a 72 / 72 / 72 / 72 if it weren’t for that odd end to Round 1…but I’m pretty happy with the result. No really huge disasters…a couple double bogeys…and I have to get my chips cleaned up.

So, I finished up the weekend at a +26!!! What a disaster of a final round. Started of with a birdie and then hole 2 which I have eagled twice, I got a par. Then I couldn’t swing the driver correct to save my life. The last 5 holes on the back 9, I was just hitting the ball, just trying to end the misery! My score were 78/67/83/86. Complete rubbish but fun.

Looking forward to the next course!

It is weird huh? Like some rounds I just have the groove, and others I’m subconsciously (well, actually) yanking my stick at the end of the stroke (that sounds bad I know) and off the ball flies. My swing errors, when I do make them, tend to be 80% of the time the ball moving right to left (a draw)…I have to be really distracted to cause a slice. Weird how a water hazard can really make my swing get wild…haha…

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