Mudspike Logistics - Diary of a Cargo Pilot

So after buying it last week and subsequently being busy for the rest of the week, I finally got flying with AH2 today.

Swapped out the default plane for the A2A C172. It really takes me back to when I first started flying but man it seems slow now.


Man that runway seems small.

Safe on deck.


What are you doing with a panel mounted GPS??? Man…you were supposed to start with an old panel with no RNAV or GPS…! And it had to have vomit residue on all the plastic. Mmmm…delish…

I’ve been trying for about 20 hrs now trying to get the GTN-750 to power up in P3D 3.4. It installs and pops up fine, just no juice. The Garmin trainer works fine and I’ve reinstalled all 3 required components, deleted .CFG files, etc, etc. I posted on the Flight1 support forum, but no replies so far. Playing around with the trainer, I can’t wait to use it in a sim. Nice screens of your Seminole.

Does other simconnect stuff work (ASN, EZCA, FSUIPC etc)?

If none of it works, I see that they included the simconnect binaries in:

@Kludger I see those files and FSUIPC works. Not sure what ASN and EZCA are. Anyway, all of my payware aircraft are working great. Do I need to run those .msi files?

Ah sorry ASN = Active Sky Next, EZCA = EZdock Camera Addon
If FSUIPC is working then simconnect is working.

I would try the following:

  1. Try to run the Garmin GTN Trainer Lite on it’s own and make sure it works.
  2. Try to reinstall the license for the F1 GTN-750, I recall reading somewhere that if the license isn’t right it doesn’t start up.
  1. = the trainer works well
  2. = not sure how to do this, but when I reinstalled the GTN750 the second time, I assumed that the license would need to be correct or it would let you proceed, right? if you have a link to this process, I’m willing to try.

Thanks @Kludger

I found the posts I had remembered seeing:

Good luck, I can imagine how frustrating it is.

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There’s quite a bit of activity in the support forum at the moment so keep your eyes on that, and they’ve seemingly slipstreamed a new version 1.16 installer (no idea what it specifically fixes).

I had an initial problem with my install, but a reinstall/reactivate and me manually running the extracted installer in the c:\Flight1 folder and everything seems to be working ok here.

One thought - check your event log for exceptions. I know how frustrating these sorts of errors are, fingers crossed the new version helps.

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Thanks guys. I got a message this morning that there the 1.16 version is supposed to solve this. Apparently I don’t have access to the support forum yet. Will be out of town until tonight, but will give that a try. Cheers.

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this definitely looks like C172… :grin: A2A rules

But Carenado C172 is also good. So I took it for the back trip to Vernon.

Expecting heavy weather advertised by @Kludger am I sitting at my gaming rig with joystick next to me.

Little bit nervous downloaded the weather… and :sunny: at least I can practice the DME approach first

With loaded load I am ready to ‘climb the hills’

Some cute little AI boats underneath me crossing the lake

After sightseeing here comes the climbing… step by step :fearful:

Douglas Lake coming to sight. And I hope I am correct. At least the ADF shows something around 60deg to Vernon what matches the planned route (hopefully I am using it correctly). Anyway the default FSX scenery looks more like a middle east then canada…

Just before I wanted to take picture of the high hills it started to rain. And I am discovering some glitch with the drops on the VC cockpit…finally some IFR :smiley:

I am pressing towards the 6k NDB and wondering where am I. Too north from the Vernon… what actually is where the NDB is located. Over the NDB I am turning south towards Vernon, descending… and turning off the rain :slight_smile: What good for is the procedural turn anyway?

What is funny is that CYKA is 04-22 and CYVK is 05-23 what actually are runways of my home airport and the closest airport to it :slight_smile:

And regarding your fee @BeachAV8R. Your fee is that I am flying. And in my case it is the best fee for you :wink:


Ha…yeah, that NDB approach is a nice one…terrain and high mins and a mountain to consider. It has all the elements.

I’m going to get back to cargo flying here soon…right now I’m trying to determine if I want to fly in VR with my Rift, or if I’d rather do it flat screen. I’m going back and forth because flying is so much fun in VR, but there are scenery details that work better with the higher resolution of a 2D monitor. I’m still on the fence. More experimenting and then I’ll get back to it. Of course, with X-Plane, there is no choice…since VR is not supported (at this time).

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You definitely should get back to it as I decided that after 20! flights I will earn to buy a new plane :slight_smile: so I hope you will supply me with some interesting routs.

Yes the NDB, I need to get to practice it little bit more I think :nerd:

Yes, navigation is fun. And as I already stated, I am relearning that stuff. With my C172N instrumentation I am tied to NDBs and VORs so I am going to practice that.

From initial list of jobs provided by @BeachAV8R in the first post I have chosen the exotically sounding Chilliwack (CYCW). Located to the SW from Vernon and with some NDBs and VOR between them. Weather forecast was not so bad, some light winds, some clouds, 16km visibility. Good day for practice.

My plan is to fly south from Vernon through the lake valley using the NDBs RUTLAND, WESTBANK, PENTICTON and just before the OKANAGA NDB I will turn right and intercept the radial 270 TO PRINCETON VOR (hopefully I am saying it correct). Over the VOR I will follow the NDB signal from HOPE and from there VFR down the valley to SW to my destination Chilliwack. Something like this

Flying south over the valley

Down here clouds are bigger, wind little stronger. Penticton CYYF in sight now

After Penticton little more south an then intercept the radial 270. But it doesnt seems to be here :slight_smile: I probably messed up something with the VOR setup. I guess I am already too far south but the needle still wants me to fly more south. I am changing OBS from TO to FROM, trying various radials in a hope that I will find the error. Nothing! I am dialing the HOPE NDB and continuing to west in this turbulent air seeing the ground only sporadically now

I am still not happy with the radial 270, as I feel I didnt do anything wrong. Comparing NDB signal to that from VOR, guessing my position and deciding to fly little bit more south as the needle wants. And here we go, the needle starts to align nicely

Out of the hilly terrain, in the valleys again. The turbulence is gone and it seems that the Hope → Chilliwack will be nice VFR finish. Even the default FSX textures seems nicer here

Over Hope everything seems to be perfect. Just around this hill to the left and the bakery products are at their destination

Oh… what is this? My good mood is gone…

Ok, I am descending bellow the low clouds and there is nice road the the left of the valley, lets switch to IFR - I Follow Road :smiley:
It should bring me to the town at least. But it is getting worse. Under the clouds there is low fog and I cant see anything. Turning left, turning right, looking into the map I am ready to turn back to Hope… and suddenly… are that houses over there? Yes! So further to the south there is the airport… and its really there, bakery is saved!

Where I should be

Where I rather would be


Really dramatic finish. Looking forward to push more to the west.

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Oh dear…well, I’ll bet you can rent a room from this guy. As a freight pilot…it is more about saving money rather than luxury…


Ok, they gave whole new meaning to that word I used :smiley: hopefully it will be not needed to stay overnight :wink:

Purchased Air Hauler 2 today. So I’ll load it up into P3D and start moving cargo.


I’ve also jumped on the AH2 bus. Very much impressed so far, except for failing my TR for landing? “I might not be a smaart maan”, but I uh know how to land a Cessna.

Perhaps I missed something in VR, but regardless, I guess that I’ll be taking another check ride today.

Difficulty: Medium (would like to be in career mode but with 3 young ankle biters and 2 businesses to look after, I just don’t have the time) FWIW, I sold the King Air and bought the A2A Skylane, so that I wouldn’t completely be taking the easy way out. Anyway, if I were doing this IRL, I would not start with a Skyhawk. I’d work on the business plan a little while longer, go for more funding, borrow from my mother-in-law, save my Twinkie money, or do whatever it takes to launch with a 182.

Base: KBVS (the guys have already started calling it Beavis) Skagit Regional. I very much considered KFHR Friday Harbor, but KBVS was more centrally located, the prices were favorable, and taxing around the ramp we saw more maintenance shops and active air cargo ops going on. FedEx seems to have some sort of satellite base here. And…we have an absolutely awesome training area. (also surrounded by Orbx goodness)

Fleet: C-182T. Low time, good panel, needs paint. Down the road will consider a Caravan or Twin Otter. On the books we are in the black, but need to payback some loans (that aren’t on the books).


C-182, hmm I was really looking on her, but what should I do ‘no money, no fun’. So first I have to finish some jobs with my good old Skyhawk then I can throw some hard earned cash on something better, fitted at least with ILS :slight_smile:

So up again with my Shawk. Chilliwack is not ideal place to stay for long so I am heading west as planed.
Weather quite stable during last flights. I decided to check the southern lowlands and follow the NDBs to the shore and from there right up to Pitt Meadows (CYPK)

Leaving Chilliwack behind. There is the small hill or rather terrain wave behind my tail which saved my last cargo

‘Jumpin’ over the hills to the lowlands

I really like default FSX clouds. The default terrain is not so satisfying but who needs terrain with all the NDBs, VORs, DMEs … :wink:

From White Rock NDB I am flying straight N and intercepting the radial 260 TO the Pitt Meadows VOR. So close to the VOR the tempo of the needle swinging left to right is crazy.

Looks like I am compensating for the crosswind here, but not true. I was distracted by the ships again and just lining for the final in the very last moments :smiley:

Safe and sound

And what next? More to the west. There are few nice airports around the Strait of Georgia.