Mudspike Mug Holder Badge


Turns out @fearlessfrog isn’t the only one who can tinker with the site. I’ve just created the Mudspike Mug Holder badge, which should look something like this:

To earn this coveted badge, post an image verifying you are a proud holder of this fine example of modern tableware and tag an admin.

Note: the verification post doesn’t have to be in this email - it can be in any post on the forum.

Oculus Rift CV1 Dust cover

Well i am going for the Mudspike Mug Holder Mugger badge to become a Mudspike Mug Holder


I’ve got my eye on you, you shifty bugger!


Got to find me first… :wink:


I ordered a mug just to get that badge!


Here’s mine



J/K; I’ll buy it soon enough.


So many targets… Errm I mean mugs


If I could get a titanium cup with top cover that can hold about 12-14oz. I’d buy


They have all sorts of weird configs available. Shop here! :wink:





Still waiting for it to arrive though.



Sorry, @Sargoth, we don’t have a “Ekipsdum” Mug Holder badge! :wink:


It’s Swedish for “Long Hair”…


Not quite sure what that means, but at first I thought it said “epic dumb”.

Your Swedish is terrible. Lugna ner frisyr din!


I blame my teacher…


So this happened today:


Can those mugs be ordered without creating an account there? I hate accounts and try to keep them to a minimum.