Mudspike Mug Holder Badge


Ah…enjoy sipping from your lead and formaldehyde based paint lined, depleted uranium/ceramic matrix mug. I find I require far less sleep lately. Not sure if it is the decaying Uranium 235 or the Lavazza coffee within…


I hear ya’ - I’m not a big fan of a zillion accounts either, but I’m unaware of any other route. International shipping might kill ya’ anyway…LOL…maybe I need to make some stickers or you can draw on a generic mug with a Sharpie… :thinking:


There is a shop in my town that can make custom mugs/shirts/purses etc. if you provide them with a decent picture or - even better - a vector graphics file.
Does any of the money for the zazzle mugs flow to Mudspike? If not I might just make my own Mudspike mug if you allow it.




Feel free to make your own mug…I have no qualms with it.

LOL…I think the mugs cost like $19.99 or something and I think we get $1.50 or $1.75 from each sale. Which means we’ve made…err…about negative $100 on mugs for contests and the like. :smiley: It isn’t about the money though…I think it’s cool people like to have one. :thumbsup:

Remember - I’m in aviation - I’m good at taking larger piles of money and investing them to make a smaller pile of money…


“Ah yes, that little bracket over there? 520 dollar, and that’s second hand!” :wink:


“You know the trick to becoming a millionaire with a helicopter? You have to start as a billionaire.” – Internet


My mug sitting in my PC’s convenient cup holder…what?


Badge Me Please :sunglasses:


Anointed! :mudspike:


Again, how do I get one?


I thought that was part of the challenge!. I’m not gonna say the search function; but maybe the search function :slight_smile:


You know what would be cool (@BeachAV8R hint hint) a Track-IR Mudspike ball cap with the Track-IR reflectors built in (so I don’t have to keep finding a ball cap for the little antenna thingy)


A properly sized Mudspike sticker to slap on to a VR headset.


We do have the technology to do that…


What we really need is a mudspike patch… Velcro backed of course… :thinking:


Doable. :slight_smile: We just need to agree with everyone about the design…


If only we knew a competent designer… Preferably an Italian one. :thinking:


Dang those pesky mediterranean inhabiters… where could we find one? :weary:


Yes, …so we can “sanitize” out flight suits before engaging in the next Blue Flag! (in case we get shot down and captured)

Article 1: I am a DCS World fighting man. I serve in the forces which guard Country Blue…or Country Red……and our high-speed internet connections. etc.

Article 5: When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give my Mudspike user name, rank (self bestowed) and number of “Nice Posts” awarded. :wink:



Lets start a committee to form the preliminary investigative commission that will setup a outline for the design committee, that will then bring forth 5 designs on the second fortnight from a pool of international submissions to be judged upon in a plebiscite.

I, obviously will be grand chairman of the final gathering to oversee the vote registration and counting.