Mudspike Mug Holder Badge




Did I mention there will be three rounds followed by a knockout tournament where the winning designer has to battle a bear?




Sounds great. We will just need an address to send our bribe…err…gratuity cheques…or do you prefer cash? :sunglasses:


I think membership in the plebiscite should be restricted to alumni members from the College that won the 2018 NCAA Men’s National Basketball Championship.

Any other Wildcats out there?

Signed, Hangar OSA


As has been spoken, so it shall be!

smashes WD-40 can on side ways 737 wheel

I shall notify you of the proper address :wink:


Finally took a picture of my mug.


Beautiful. Badge bestowed!


I’d honestly order it, if the shipping expenses weren’t murdering me…

Any way to get it from an European Ye olde shoppe?


There are some european sites:

And you can order the Mudspike mug from there.


huh that site is not easy to search. Found it on the english version, then changed the top level domain from to .nl while keeping all the dhsdjghsdg7832489/sdg38sdfh/ and it just worked. Odd. I cant miss the 20 bucks at this time tho.


Why do you guys want a MUD PIKE cup? :wink: AT LEAST make the S red or something. Make that S sizzle! :slight_smile:

We have plenty of Pike to fish for up here in Canada so that’s why I ask. BTW no Pike would ever get caught in the mud.

I’ll go one step further in that I never wear white T-shirts so if you invert that logo and put it on black T-shirts I’ll buy five. Just make the bulls-eye and the S red.


I won’t buy the mug though. Too little of a good thing. I would LOVE a one litre coffee mug for breakfast though. I have no time in the morning to stand around making multiple cups of coffee.


I think number one rock musician in America would agree with one litre mug …