Mudspike Patch Wall


A place to tack the patches you have acquired through adventure, work and sometimes late night ebay binging.

I’ll give it a start since I have a patch sitting on my desk here. Got this one over the summer from a Hornet driver.


Can we scan 'em? Don’t have a wall, but got lots of patches!


Sure! I don’t have a wall either, just a zip lock bag with a bunch of patches stuffed into it lol


My Galactica patch that has actually faired really well being attached to a few rucksacks. I also have a Viper patch somewhere.

The Aireon SpaceX one is work related and appeared on my desk after the Iridium NEXT 6 launch.


From the old Cougar World.


Swedish Airforce F7 Wing, Squadron 1&2


Swedish Airforce F15 wing.
1st Squadron Olle Red and 1st Company, where I did my military service.
The company was the technical organisation.
The Squadron used to have a patch with Asterix holding a bomb, so the company had Obelix carrying a Viggen.
Later the squadron patch changed to Asterix having a black hand on his shield. This transformed to just the black hand. The company patch never changed.


Swedish Airforce patches.


Swedish Airforce F5 wing. 1st Training squadron, Erik Red.


My old flightschool. I designed the lower two patches. :slight_smile:


Couple of cool Hornet patches.


It doesn’t get more british than this! :wink:


The patch that came with Janes F-15 Officers Edition.




And a friend of Eagle Dynamics, too… :slight_smile:


Swedish Airforce Historic Flight


The World Famous Golden Dragons.


Norwegian Military Aviation 100 year


Kitty related


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