Mudspike Patch Wall


Memphis Belle


Someone needs to amend the topic title to “Troll’s Patches”


Dude I love you, but seriously… one post with all the patches was largely enough…


There’s a limit. :man_shrugging:


add their own patches to the thread… :wink:




L-39C Albatros


The Phantom


Was easier to throw these into the scanner. Also, most are stickers, but thought they were interesting anyways.


These are really nice, plus…



What’s the one with the Arabic on the bottom? Also, ‘special missions’? Is that like ‘I can tell you but then I’d have to shoot you, but it’s ok to gaze at my patch’? :wink:


Found it. Did not fair as well as the Galactica patch.


Iranian F-14 patch. Most likely pre-revolution.


A few more that I’ve picked up from the various demo teams over the last few airshow seasons.


A decent price as well (via image search)


It’s the Alicat.


Note that it also says “utility” – basically all the missions the C-12/KingAir airframe can do. But yes, the RC-12 Guardrail is a “I can tell you but then I’d have to kill you” sort of deal. :sunglasses:

Already answered by others, but “Alicat” patch, pre-revolution Iran. I also have a tie pin with the same emblem.


I’d love to sew that one onto my nomex. Tell the SwAFHF they need to big SAAB to get back into automobiles and get a third Viggen flying. I’d be happy to tour it around North America with a SAAB logo!


Seeing the Screwtops in the DCS screenshot thread reminded me…


That last patch is…