Mudspike Patch Wall


Are we posting pins as well? :slight_smile:


Presumably it’s just an artefact of the photo, but it looks like that pin is from the United Staies Navy :grin:


That original 13 colonies of Sta got tired of taxation without representation and took matters into their own hands - the rest is history… :wink:


:rofl: I hadn’t noticed!
It does indeed say STAIES!
You have ruined my IOP GUN pin! :smile:



Some patches from travels.


I… I love you.



Got another one. A replica patch from ebay though.
Still, it looks great!


Got a kitten on ebay.
A replica patch, but very detailed.
The Tomcat patch must be the coolest aircraft specific patch, ever…


Got a new patch today!


Nice, but wall ? You know where they shoud go !

… but to be honest, I dont wear this jacket anymore.


My modest collection. Need to get them placed into a shadow box.


Got a new patch today!
Relevant to the upcoming Tomcat holidays…


Another nice patch arrived in the mail, today.

It’s from the Friends of the Starfighter, in Norway. They have restored a CF-104D to flying condition and it’s been touring airshows in Scandinavia this summer.
The patch is based on the first Starfighter patch in the RNoAF.




Naval Aircrew Ejection Seat


Ah, thanks. That was bugging me. :worried:


Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat.


I would love to see a F-104 in flight! Note to self, plan a trip for Norway.