Mudspike Patch Wall


Are we posting pins as well? :slight_smile:


Presumably it’s just an artefact of the photo, but it looks like that pin is from the United Staies Navy :grin:


That original 13 colonies of Sta got tired of taxation without representation and took matters into their own hands - the rest is history… :wink:


:rofl: I hadn’t noticed!
It does indeed say STAIES!
You have ruined my IOP GUN pin! :smile:



Some patches from travels.


I… I love you.



Got another one. A replica patch from ebay though.
Still, it looks great!


Got a kitten on ebay.
A replica patch, but very detailed.
The Tomcat patch must be the coolest aircraft specific patch, ever…


Got a new patch today!


Nice, but wall ? You know where they shoud go !

… but to be honest, I dont wear this jacket anymore.


My modest collection. Need to get them placed into a shadow box.


Got a new patch today!
Relevant to the upcoming Tomcat holidays…


Another nice patch arrived in the mail, today.

It’s from the Friends of the Starfighter, in Norway. They have restored a CF-104D to flying condition and it’s been touring airshows in Scandinavia this summer.
The patch is based on the first Starfighter patch in the RNoAF.