Mudspike WRC - November 2023 Championship [COMPLETE]

A 3 x Rally Championship for November has been created.

  • Rally Monte Carlo

  • Rally Sweden

  • Rally Mexico

Each Rally has 3 stages. Each stage is approximately 6 miles/9.65 km. One of the stages in each Rally will be variable weather.

WRC2 cars will be utilized.

Each Rally is approximately 8 days long and the championship concludes on 2 December 2023. (Times above are USA Central. Or 1227 UTC)

:checkered_flag: :racing_car:

If you are not part of the Mudspike WRC club, see this post about joining.


Glad you made it in the window you did as I will be away from home from the 18th to the 24th, so I need to get Sweden done on the 16th or 17th!

Damn… the ice effects are pretty great in this game, and yet scary. Almost went off a few times.

My times are set to be beat. You would think with my military service and law enforcement career I would be a dangerous, aggressive driver. And I know that’s the point of race games but with the WRC I’ve always tried to be smooth and error free not fast. I believe that if you want to play the game like a sim, if you go off a mountain you’re done. lol

So slow times but clean and error free stages.

Ice Ice Baby… be careful.


Unfortunately, I could not make it so all 3 events/rallies were open at the same time until 2 December. I understand from the realism aspect. The alternative would be to make 3 separate championships with 1 rally each, but then you lose the points total for 1 championship. :man_shrugging: well at this way, hopefully everyone will keep track of the schedule and drive when the window is open.

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That’s the key to these rally races. Staying on track, minimal to no damage and finishing. No restarts. Slow is fast.

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“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”
unknown firearms instructor

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Welp the ice sucks, but not as bad as the CTD i had on the 3rd stage. Looks like DNF for this round…

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Did you try going back in and loading stage 3? The website doesn’t show an entry (not even a DNF/retired) for stage 3 nor a final standings total time for you which leads me to think you can try again. :man_shrugging:

Yep tried going back, All 3 stages show green check marks for me. But the leaderboard does not show a time for me.

Its all good, was just trying to give @Magnum50 some company on the bottom of the leaderboard.


I gave up right after I started stage 3 and got a 30s penalty for going off the track.

Two things: one–racing on iced over roads is stupid. Like massively. Who ever came up with the idea that it was a good idea?

Two–who marks these tracks? They’re utterly incompetent. On every stage there at least 5-10 points where I’m not sure where the track goes. I have to slow way down because I can’t tell if I’m supposed to go straight or left or right because the course isn’t clearly marked. Yeah, my blabbermouth told me to make a left but I see a left and another left, do I take the first or 2nd? I want a codriver who will tell me I should be slowing down at such a time that I can take action at that point and still NOT go over the cliff.

Are drivers not given maps? Are the co drivers told to jealously keep them away so the drivers do not know beforehand that they’re going to have to turn hard after a long straight here, or make a bunch of quick turns there? The co driver seems spectacularly bad at telling me about the next corner at the time I need it.
I need MORE time before a corner if I’m going fast, less if I’m going slow. If I have 3 corners in a row, don’t RUSH to tell me about the 3rd one when I’ve only just made it into the 1st one as I will not remember about the 2nd one.
Do they all get to drive the course first? Are they expected to remember them? Or do they all race these 100% unaware of what’s going to happen, because that seems incredibly stupid.

If mass increased as a function of frustration, I would currently be a singularity destroying the planet right now.

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I’m also getting a CTD on the 3rd stage. I tried pre-running it last night and I get a CTD right after it hits the patchy area before the dry tarmac. I restarted my system and tried it 3 times, but no joy. No worries though @Chaz, I’ll run the first two and try for a DNF on the second stage LOL. That’s racin’


Thats were i CTD’d as well. I remember thinking time to pick up speed and BAM desktop.

EDIT: So i set up a custom championship and did the last stage, I had multiple CTDs. What ended up fixing it for now was having steam verify the integrity of the files. After that I was able to complete the stage.

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Nice. I’ll try that.

Edit: didn’t work for me, still CTD at the patchy change. I had completely missed that left sweeper leaving the first village in SS2, killed a few course workers and YouTube influencers :rofl:, and dropped a ton of time anyway. It shows me finished, but really no worries.

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Sorry to hear about everyone’s CTD/fps issues. As I learned, some of Monte Carlo isn’t very well optimized yet. Noted for future Rallies and we’ll stay away from this location (or at least ice conditions) until it runs better.

Stage 3: I took a conservative approach yet still managed to run into a sign and lose my hood :man_facepalming: I must have cut somewhere as well and took a +5 second penalty.

On to Sweden!


Well, that’s rally.
However, keep in mind that this is considered hard, even for experienced rally drivers.
Formula1 drivers (who have their whole tracks memorized) call it insanity.

As for how rally works concerning maps and experience:
No, the driver indeed doesn’t have a map. He or she wouldn’t have the time to look at it anyway.

The co-driver is extremely important there. IIRC in real life they drive through the stage beforehand and create the road book.

As for the unseen turns: if there is more than one possibility the copilot has ways to signal that.
Are you driving with the simplified or the complex calls? The direction and severity of the turn should usually tell you which one is correct.

So basically the trick for you might be to look at the track less, and instead try and focus on building a picture in your mind, based on what the copilot said.

And yes, that is hard. It will take a while. Go slow. And if you think you are too annoyingly slow, that’s the correct speed. Focus on your copilot. That’s how I learned it.


To add to Aginor’s post, you can also change the timing of the calls to earlier or later than normal (as well as simplified or complex calls and whether or not your want to see the graphical depiction in your HUD). See this post from a week ago regarding co-driver settings.


Yeah Monte Carlo is inherently a tough course. And imagine it at night. :grimacing:


Glorified snowplow!

Looking forward to sliding around the snow. :snowflake:


DNF in Monte Carlo. It caught me on the third stage, a few km after the start. I knew when I heard the co driver call on a 2 left that I’m in trouble, and so it was. Terminal Damage. Oh well, can only get better.