Mudspikers list of approved tech for the holliday period 2018/2019

To help the last minute shoppers out or just to simply tell people what you think is a great tech item. Post it below and let everyone know what you like about it. It can be anything !! Don’t forget to rate it in stars !

Kicking it off with some mobile beats.

The LIBRATONE ZIP Website HERE - UK website

Its a great portable speaker with its own inbuilt battery for Batt life approx. 10hours

  • WiFi dual band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible

  • 3.5 mm mini-jack (analogue)

  • USB play in, USB charge out

  • Bluetooth 4.0 aptX

  • Airplay

  • DLNA (Android/Windows)

  • Spotify Connect

  • Wifi

Cons -

  • Its not cheap. But this is certainly a case of you get what you pay for.
  • its a tad heavy for its size, but not really bothered us.
  • No integrated Alexa (but can be paired with a device with alexa for basic functionality)

Pro’s -

  • And most importantly, it really has amazing sound for the size of the speaker. Its 360 degree sound is very powerful with amazing base for a small (ish) speaker. Other great notes on its sound is that there is almost no distortion even when putting the volume to full.
  • Control everything on your handheld device (volume, stations etc)
  • Wifi and blue tooth you can hook it up to whatever, wherever you like
  • Its not limited to certain music apps. Unlike some speakers you have to have an account to certain music apps to use them. The Libratone Zipp will play anything that your device can play. Internet, movies, youtube etc.
  • for the fashionistas of the world, you can change the colour of the case.
  • it also has a microphone if paired to your phone and can do handsfree calls.

We have owned this for a while now. And whilst I “umm’d and ahhhh’d” over its pricing for a while. We took the plunge and have not regretted it. Extensive review searching put this in the expensive middle category by almost all said the quality of sound was the best in its class. I can’t disagree with this sentiment. The sound for this size of speaker is superb.

Whilst not as loud as some speakers of similar size, the fact it can hold such superb sound all the way up is a true testament to its quality. But to be honest, its not quiet. We don’t have ours on much over half way when outdoors, so it has excellent volume. Inside the house it usually sits at a quarter for single room listening.

You can pair up more than one if you want to fill upstairs and downstairs + outside as well.

Its a heavy beast with a rubberised non slip foot. Simple one touch interface on top with the ability to un-zip its cover and change its colour to suit your needs.

It really is a good quality gift, I love it, my wife loves it and if there comes a need to get another one (we really don’t need another one) I wouldn’t hesitate to get another.

4.5 star product. Its the best you can get for the price and size category. It looses half a star for not having integrated Alexa, though you can pair an alexa device to it (like an echo) or your phone for basic alexa commands.


Just imagine how awesome this would be mounted to a F-111.

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Stop it !!. Looking through internet for f-111 engine sounds to play on it. #wife isn’t happy


Really nice write up! Thanks for taking the time to do that. I’m tempted as I really don’t have a decent sound system in my house.

I don’t own a soldering iron (yet) but if I did…

Reprogrammable, ortho-normal mechanical keyboard. Reduced footprint on your desk, and looks neat to boot. :slight_smile:

Actually, given the retired state of F-111s, their engine sounds today are…

(Too harsh for @Bogusheadbox ?)

Troll Industri - SimBox NG

Developers web site HERE

Join the Next Generation of DCS flight simmers with SimBox NG!

A hand crafted “home pit”! Designed to represent a JA37 Viggen cockpit, but can be used to represent any single seat fighter–modern or classic! Every sentence seems more exciting if you end it with an exclamation mark! Clean aluminum construction and shell!

Ingeniously clever design allows you to “pack up” SimBox NG into “box mode” when not in use–turning it into a traditional Scandinavian Credenza–perfect for serving Gjetost and Akevitt!

(Your wife doesn’t even have to know it is there!)


  • A good computer
  • 15,6" 1920x1080 Monitor for Flight Sim set up
  • Some sort of VR thingy
  • A camouflage pattern seat with 5 point harness
  • Cool looking and expensive HOTAS stick and throttle
  • All aluminum construction


  • Small footprint
  • Did I mention it is made of aluminum
  • 0.01% discount for Mudspike Mug Holders


  • Evidently not finished yet
  • Can you just imagine the shipping costs from northern Norway?
  • Made of aluminum
  • You have to dust the top when in box mode
  • Gjetost and Akevitt not included.

@Troll - so he will get a notice of this post.


Made my day!!


Yep, me too. The next Orbx XP11 ones after these initial three UK sets are the new three Pacific Northwest ones, which I can see being even bigger in terms of space needed.

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I got an extra 16gb ddr4 ram to take me to 32gb. I got the same sticks but there is always the worry they won’t be compatible. Dcs seems to like the extra ram but xplane keeps crashing :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Just one recommendation I strongfully recommend after the troubles I had. Do a memory stress test on it, it takes quite a few hours for that much ram, but good to know if you can give it a clean bill of health.