My Battlefield 1 opinion, w/o spoilers

I got to be honest, when EA/Dice announced it I really didn’t think WW1 was going to work in the Battlefield type of play or environment, but after getting a taste in the beta, then continuing in the last 4 days of playing every mode, and the first 3 Chapters of the SP campaign… I was wrong, it does work… and it’s pretty damn awesome IMO… now understand, it’s still Battlefield… but it works.

I purposely decided to not share screens or videos, so anyone who might want to play without spoilers, could… and this opinion post is also without spoilers.

First off… the Single Player Campaign is broken down to 6 chapters, about 4 acts each, the first being like a tutorial so you play that as soon as you boot it up, quick and easy one.

Now for the rest, you don’t have to play in order… each Chapter tells ones soldiers story… and it’s pretty good. It actually contains actual locations, battles, etc etc… you just play a character.

The first was a tank driver… some great visuals and actions… don’t worry, you spend a pretty good amount of time out of the tank, stealth mode, stealing parts… tanks were very unreliable back then. :wink:

The second was the airman story, again pretty fun and the airship battles are pretty good.

The only thing wrong with the campaign, IMO, is sometimes I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to be doing. If you missed a order in all that combat, your stuck wondering? Huh? oh, and of course the ridiculous amount of hits, damage, and fire… cool effect, constantly being shot but hell we would be dead in 5 minutes if it was realistic. :wink:

Multiplayer. I tried all 5 modes, the new one and my favorite is operations, it’s a long one 2 hrs give or take… it’s a big map with objectives to keep pushing or defending, then you win or lose and move on to the next area of the map… it’s the closet thing to a full battle, and cut scenes and real war info is broadcast between each map section.

The other ones, conquest, rush, (which I didn’t like in BF4, but love the one I played… woods and trenches.), team deathmatch (for weapon testing, building), and pigeon, I thought was going to be dumb, but was pretty awesome and fun… get to the pigeon, capture it, write a note, send it, if it makes it…artillery coming in. Other teams doing the same thing, kinda like VIP. and Domination, which is capture the flag with just infantry.

Maps are beautiful, awesome, and well done for combat.

Weapons, not a fan of unlocks, skins etc etc… but I play for the teamwork. Good selection… but ridiculously reliable, (in WW1 you had more of a chance of a weapon malfunction then firing it, lol.) and as usual, Snipers can ruin a good game, they come in handy when they are supporting a team, but when you see 4 or 5 out on the edges of the maps, getting kills… defeats the purpose, but a game problem not a BF problem.

I do not like the specialty units… too powerful, good for fun gameplay… I did notice a option in the server settings to turn them off, nice.

Tanks are awesome but too fast and reliable. Airplanes, well their airplanes… very maneuverable, more then should be, and easy targeting… no lead.

So, IMO… and to my surprise I actually thing BF1 is pretty damn awesome, and probably the best in the series… fine tuned to perfection, very fun and different while still being a Battlefield game.

Highly recommended if you like the series…either for the SP or MP… both well done.


Good stuff! Ill wait for the inevitable sale that will be coming in 4 to 6 months.

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How’s the netcode? I haven’t really enjoyed an fps since cod4 because the hitboxes and netcode have been garbage.

I found it a lot easier to disable tanks than it was in the beta, playing assault usually one good hit with the dynamite on a stick thing that you throw would at least put it out of commission for a little while. Got in the habit of throwing the gas grenades at it first so if anyone hoped out to fix it they got a nice surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

After a few rounds I was hunting for them rather than running from them, was a lot nicer that way.

But yeah, overall it’s pretty darn good, plus I love that the game actually rewards you quite well for teamwork instead of just how many guys you can kill. Wish I would of got the early enlister though. Instead I saved a few bucks and have to wait, regretting that now, I’d just buy the deluxe now, but then I’d have an extra key :smiley:

and i just went ahead and got deluxe anyway, so if anyone is looking for a cheaper standard edition key let me know :smiley:

when u get to play as a seagull and poop on people.

Neat! Almost bought it, but got so thoroughly confused in all the options on the store page(what was it, 9 different BF1 downloads?!) that I just couldn’t be bothered and figured I’d want a x-plane aircraft too ;).

Thanks for the early impressions @Magnum50, I really enjoyed the beta and am looking forward to Fro when my cheap preorder key will allow me to play.

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This is my first foray into the twitch-shooter genre in multiplayer. I’ve never owned any of the CoD or BF franchises. I’ve been glued to my controller the last two days just trying to achieve an early “holy grail” for me: 1 to 1 k/d ratio.

This may not be the appropriate forum for such a request but if anyone once to drag my sorry ass around Amiens, my XBL gamertag is “SmokinHole1”.

added, feel free to join my squad, usually evening time… 3 or 4 of us 3 or 4 nights a week, give or take… it’s a lot better with friends. BUT HAVE A MIC, we don’t allow no comms. :wink:

K/D doesn’t matter much in BF, I think i do alright when it comes down to the scoreboard. Although I have no idea how my score per/m and skill stats compare to anyone else though

anyone looking to pal around on PC feel free to add me there x-Mudcat-x

Gotcha Magnum. xbox headset with mic on order.

Score is far more important than k/d. Unless you’re playing tdm or ffa.

Always play the objective.

Man! How do these guys (kids?) kill while shooting while sprinting from a distance and always in the head?!

Welcome to why I stopped playing battlefield.

If I worried about these kids outplaying me, I’d never play a MP game again… :wink:

I play for the basic tactics and teamwork with my squad mates, together our smart tactics win in the end when were the top squad… more times then not. :wink:


Yeah @Magnum50 the times I’ve squaded up with you on BF4, just the two of us using a bit of tactics and playing the objective can turn the whole game, and usually the random squadmates can see the benefit and go along making it fun.

Although I preloaded BF1, I haven’t even started it up due to getting side tracked by the shiny baubles of my new Oculus Rift and the amazing addictiveness of VR Elite Dangerous.

Really looking forward to diving into BF1 this weekend, I loved the beta and can’t wait to see the additional maps (if I can manage to pull away from my alternate career as a VR space trucker).


OK I’m ready for hardcore as well - YouTube

That’s a long story… involving… buckets.

NSFW language and themes


(Said with increasing conviction:) I…can…DO …THAT!

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