My DIY Handbrake

Inspired by the resent Dirt Rally 2.0 league, I thought that i would show my DIY handbrake, mounting and their iterations.

Following this video

I added wiring to the top button on my G27 shifter, whereas he uses the right one. I tried that first but messed something up with the wiring, so it wasn’t working. I tried with the other one and that did the job and the right button still works, so i have kept it as is.

This was my first soldering DIY project so I was nervous about messing up. It didn’t help that the cheapo soldering iron I was using, developed a hole in the tip, while I was at it.

The switch was given to me by a colleague and the spring was fittingly from a brake repair set. The rest of the materials I had lying around.

At first I had it mounted on my DIY car seat base and pedal mount.

Very great for racing, but very uncomfortable and backhurting when I was during ordinary work on the PC. I dumped the car seat and made a larger pedal mount.

Now it turned out that the spring was to powerful, so I lifted up the handbrake instead of braking.
I tried weighing it down with a fire extinguisher and it sort of worked.

The shifter kept wobbling from side to side so I was often putting it in the wrong gear. The handbrake was also still to hard to pull.

Time for the next change.
I swapped the spring for a softer one from another brake repairset. Ooohhh, so much better.

I made a new semi removable mount for the shifter and handbrake. The permanent part was mounted on the same type of wall rail shelf thingie, that my PC desk plate and other PC area shelves are mounted on and secured to the wall.

(I never used the remove possibility but now I am considering using it as a chair mount, for the T16000m with extension center stick I intend to make.)

Time goes on.
Because of my growing number of controllers and the space constraints, I decided that the best solution was to add mounts to my chair.

“Nielsen, You have a problem!”
The handbrake is to big, clunky and heavy! Time to put it on a diet. New side and bottom plates, pivot bolt, screws to hold the bottom plate, eyethingies for the spring and a CH Flightstick Pro centering spring.

I encountered one little snag, and that was that I was suddenly sitting with the handbrake in hand. The bottom plate had detached. I changed the screws to ticker and longer and added a couple more. So far it is holding together.

That all Folks

Happy Simming



In fact I enjoy playing Dirt Rally so much at the moment, I am tempted to upgrade my pedals (so I have a clutch), get an H shifter and a handbrake…

Your handbrake is a really nice design, good job!

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Very nice DIY project!
I had a car seat for racing that worked quite well. But I put a cover on it that generated static so I tried grounding the seat and myself. Finally I took that darn cover off before a spark could destroy my computer.

Ohh, this is somewhat embarrassing. I had actually forgotten that I posted this. :pensive:

Thank you very much Aginor!

I very much recommend that you do not do that! (Continuing the Mudspike Nonreccomendation tradition)

It is so much an improvement that you can quickly find and hit the handbrake without having to search for the right button. (Especially when it is to the left!) :sunglasses:

A clutch is very great for keeping the revs up when doing handbrake turns and other slow manouvers.

Having refound this thread, have me consider to upgrade my setup but I will post about that over in the Racing sim hardware thread

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Thank you WreckingCrew.

That must have been shocking at times.

When I got my first education I was working at a place where we made products from Polyethylene and Polyamid(Nylon) pellets. They where sucked up from bins and boy did the metal pipes become static. Nylon was the worst. The first time I was asked to stir one of the bins I grabbed the metalpipe normally as you would grab a broomstick or stuff like that, when you are not in a hurry. I got such a slap that my arm was numb up to the elbow for 3 hours afterwards. I quickly learned to give anything that collected static a quick slap. Somehow that made the shock much milder.

Happy Simming