My second hand controllers collection

I ordered another one. I dont know, but when its some decent quality joy, cheap and in good condition I have to buy it. Just to know how it feels and works in comparison to the rest.

Unpacking. Bought this one few days ago second hand but it was never used before.

2018-01-11 20_39_25-Clipboard

And this is my colection. To be fair I need to mention that I bought that MS Sidewinder2 as new many years ago. But I also bought already another two Sidewinders2 (DYI throtle in the backgroud) second hand since :slight_smile:

Actualy I am flying jets and props with the CobraM5. Good joystick, but the ergonomics could be beter. Thinking about some DYI upgrade.

Sidewinder2 is without springs already and used for helo siming.

2018-01-11 20_40_34-Clipboard

And the thats not all :slight_smile: This one is the oldest one. But again bought second hand in I guess new condition. It looks like it never made a single flight.
I was thinking about some DYI. Interchangeable grips with the CobraM5 but again the ergonomics are not top :wink:


It like it’s the opposite of this topic? :slight_smile: All Controllers In the TRASH!


Just wait some time and I will ask you to merge these two topics :grin: :wink:


I’ve never thrown a controller away yet, I’ll make a nice display of my collection tomorrow!

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I had a major controller purge a couple of years ago … put it all at the end of my driveway and it was all gone before the sun went down. :+1:

I’m just happy there are people who still find pleasure in the stuff instead of it ending up in the dump.

There was an old serial port CH Yoke, CH Throttle, CH Pedals, CH Flightstick, two inexpensive USB Thrustmaster sticks still shrink wrapped in boxes (I got a good deal on them but never used them), some sort of old Logitech stick/throttle combo … whatever … I don’t like the clutter. I think I threw my first Suncom joystick down the garbage shoot in the apartment I was living at about 20 years ago. :slight_smile:

Edit … I threw away a CH Fighterstick and now I see them on for $173.43 d’oh! I guess I could’ve found a serial to USB adapter. :hushed:

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I don’t throw away controllers. I put them next to the dumpster. I got too much of this stuff too. I have 2 MSFFB 2, a Suncom F15 stick, and 2 complete WT Hotas. I got the Saitek Pro pedals and the Slaw Device Bf 109 pedals. I will be buried with them. I absolutely love them.
This weekend I finally greased my Hog and it feels awesome. Now I’m waiting on VKB to mail me my new controller. MCS will be here soon.
I like collecting them.

When sudenly DCS 2.5 apears at the door…

2018-01-30 22_09_09-Clipboard

…it is always great to have replacement stick :slight_smile:


Still waitin for the pics of your colection @TheAlmightySnark

Here is my latest addition to my second hand collection :

Its not like it seems to be. I am not done with my DIY stuff… yet :slight_smile:
I just need something that works in the moments when my DIY controllers are undergoing upgrade processes which were always hurried up.