My TM T16000m DIY mods

My TM T16000m DIY mods

This is a rewrite of my previous T16000m threads.

June 2017

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2 stage trigger, pointy finger switch and pinky finger swich added first.

Later on I added 1 5 way switch on the thumb rest, 1 5 way switch on the top and replaced the 2 sidebuttons with tactile switches. Finished June 2017.

Added better tops for the 5 way switches 14/1 2020

All the buttons on the base still works.

I would strongly recommend to collect the needed parts first,plan ahead, drill all holes before any assembly.

I would also very strongly recommend to have longer wire ends in the handle than I had.
Some of them where close to claustrofobic to work with.

14/1 2020

I have at long last put the finishing touches on my first modded T16000m.

I began using it June 2017, so it was about time.

At the time I used these for my 5 way switches.

The grey one is a wheel from the Hasegawa 1/72 US Aerospace Ground Equipment Set.

The green one is a roller from a ROCO Minitanks set. Both drilled to fit.

Most annoying thing about them, is that I had to push on the sides to use Up/Down and Left/Right.

Add something! But What?

A looong time ago, I killed the minijoystick on a TM TWCS throttle, when trying to remove it from the PCB. I’m just saying “Don’t apply to much heat!”

I cut the top off the TWCS thumbstick and from another model replacement thumbstick, I have bought in anticipation of my controller projects

Having cut off the top I cleaned it with Acetone and it got all sticky.

“Hey great, Acetone is the Glue!”

I propped up the stick, so the button surface was as horizontal as possible, dabbed enough Acetone on the gluesurfaces to keep them moist, waited for a bit to let the Acetone work, while keeping to ad small amounts of Acetone to keep moist, then carefully placing the new top on the button and press hard for a while.
The most important thing is to be patient and not move stuff around until the Acetone has evaporated and the bond has set.

Now it is a breeze to flick the 5 ways around.


I thought that my T16000m modding was done, but!

I just picked up these:

Both will get the buttons on top treatment avoiding the mistakes I did with the first one.

One will be a right hand version, to replace my CH FlightStick Pro and the other one will be a lefty and get an extension, so I can use it as a center stick.

I think that the biggest challenges at this point will be the extension, as I wish to retain the twist and may be making it lockable. The next is the center chairmount, as I have no idea about how I want to do it. I may end up cutting of the sides of base and rearrange the PCB’s in a new box. Well. We will see.

Happy Simming


Have you had issues with the twist axis? Mine went crazy. Other than that the stick is great for the price.

Holy duck that’s amazing! Nice work man.

I haven’t really used the twist axis that much, so I can’t really say. Yea it is great and fairly easy to mod.

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