My VR SimPit

When I move into my new place and get my “office” set up for permanent VR + general pc gaming, there will be shots of that room. It will not be as impressive as Troll’s DIY awesomeness, nor some other setups, but a room that no one else touches… mmmmmmhmmmm I am excited.

I noticed in the original photo a green plant in the background…emergency backup O2 system? :wink:

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That, and medication… :wink:

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Thats really a smart design two thumbs up… really cool

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@Troll the picture on the wall seems familiar

IGot to love IKEA

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It is indeed a world map… But not from IKEA. :wink:

Ok mine came from IKEA Qatar. Swedish get around.

My ghetto simpit. I bought a VKB stick extension after finding out fabricating my own would be almost as expensive in materials and tooling. Sometime this month I should receive my deltasim TDC replacement.

I am thinking about replacing that big ugly grey box with something a little more elegant, making use of the pedals more ergonomic. As it is, it’s as wide as the warthog sticks’ desk plate and that makes me sit rather bowlegged. This is uncomfortable if a BFM session in the F-14 starts to drag out.

Another improvement that is direly needed is replacing the wheels on the desk chair with flat feet. Having it roll around while dancing on the rudders is &#*# annoying.

This setup sets up in about a minute or two, the time DCS takes to load. It doesn’t completely clean up like @Troll’s does, but it’s close enough to keep the wifes’ wrath at bay.


Nice throttle there :wink:

I have it too, usb mod in place.

And now good things coming, metal axels and magrez sensors for it , custom made.

Quality work and can’t beat the price :slight_smile:


Holy mother of bog, they don’t call these things acemakers for nothing do they?

A bit of luck and a lot of fine gunnery just allowed me to bag eight(8!) motherlovin bf-109e2’s with my lowly MiG-3 in one flight!


I put flat feet on my Herman Miller and it was a game changer. No pun intended. You need a desktop joystick mount. They rock! Just got mine. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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