My VR SimPit

I got the JetSeat, and was very impressed. But the novelty wore off pretty fast for me.
I may have gotten a few bad motors, because they were really noisy.
Another problem for me was the way it worked.
When simulating a impending stall, for instance, the motors would ‘pulse’ at shorter and shorter intervals. Like brrrt-brrrt-brrrt-brrrt. I contacted the developer about this, and I must say he was very enthusiastic and helpful. I proposed changing the pulsing to a ‘ramping’ of the vibration, that was dependent of the AoA. Like when reaching a certain AoA threshold, the vibration would start, and increase in RPM as AoA increased.

Don’t know if this was implemented or not.

Hmm, not sure! I’ve been flying the Gazelle a lot lately, working through the campaign. I’ll have to hop in a fixed wing and try it. I can definitely hear the motors, but I guess I have the volume on the speakers jacked up enough that they’re mostly drowned out. I haven’t tried it with a headset, yet. They’re also sandwiched in the foam, which probably muffles it a bit.

I cut the electronics out of the seat cushion and made my own. Partly because of the noise, and partly because the cushion was too big for my simpit. I’m thinking about exchanging the motors with better ones, to see if that helps.

Let me know how it goes! I may be tempted to wire the harness to larger motors that are fixed to the seat, rather than in the cushion. Something to think about!

Does this count as a VR SimPit?

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Do birds think of themselves as a cockpit? I mean, they could since their controls are integrated in their flight surfaces…
If not, I’d say that’s a VR SimBird, and that you’re off topic.

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Seeing as VKB is starting to stir with regards to the Gunfighter. How’s that BAUR treating you?

It has left DCS country…


As promised, here are a few pictures of the stowable simpit, deployed.

Here is a close up of the computer, built directly in to the seat. There’s a fold-down door on the back side that allows access to the rear ports.

The left armrest disconnects by unscrewing the nut inside the seat (Making a little cloth flap to cover the hole is on my to-do list). The right armrest can just be lifted off. When I want to stow the pit, I pop off the armrests and set them in the seat, along with the rudder pedals. Then I can push the front of the pit into the seat. The whole thing takes up about the same footprint as a mini-fridge (a tall one, haha).

Also, I just finished building a button-box! I used a Pro-Micro board, MMJoy2 and the instructions on SimHQ and the DCS Forums.

The basic configuration is as follows, top to bottom:
Master Arm and Laser Arm
Jettison All, Fuel Tank Jettison and Fuel Dump
Landing Gear, Tailwheel Lock, Optional On/Off/On Switch, Tailhook.

All told, it cost me about $100 in parts, including the board, but if I wanted to build another I could probably do it for $50. It was a pretty fun project!


Very nice!
I like the design of the pit, with the rails. Clever!


I know some of you thought it couldn’t be done…

Mother in-law is coming…

No, she doesn’t get to use the cup…


I once drew up a design to have a foldable pit that fits under a desk, a car chair would slide forward on the rails, and this motion would cause the whole jig to pitch forward and become quite flat. Alas never had the money to get it into workable state. You’ve got a very nice design there!

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Incredible disappearing VR SimPit Troll!!! :astonished:

Here’s my “simpit” or whatever you want to call this office job. It’s pretty versatile … nothing fancy. I’m “a bit” of a garbage picker so I found most of my furniture there. :grin: PaulRix convinced me to sell my X55 and buy a Warthog. Lovin’ it! :+1:


I have a similar setup @Linebacker. I have the Warthog stick on my desk’s keyboard tray, and the throttle on a small side table. Works nicely (with the help of some Velcro to keep everything secure.

Glad you like the Warthog!

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That guy has cost a lot of people a lot of money around here. Let’s all hope he doesn’t decide to start selling Amway or something. We’ll all be in trouble…


Who, me? :wink:

Sorry about the necro - but this did ever happen? If not, do we think we could make it happen? :slight_smile:

I bet many of these forum posts are written from some amazing pits - a Mudspike ‘show us your sim pit’ thread wouldn’t go amiss.

I actually started typing up one but did a search first and ended up at this thread and sobek’s question so thought I’d kick the conversation off here.

Do you have the plans to share ? Moving from a 6 bedroom farmhouse to the new 3 bedroom cottage necessitates some space saving ideas :slight_smile:

Is that a .50 Cal bullpup? screensaver

No, the magazine is ahead of the trigger so it’s not a bullpup. It’s probably an M82CQ Carbine (close quarter) which I find funny because despite it’s short barrel, it’s still a huge rifle. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve gone the huge monitor route since then … still loving the 60” 4K TV although I’m running it at 3200x1800 res in sim/game now with my 1070 vid card … still waiting for prices to go down to grab a 1080ti. Here’s a “tech demo” 120 degree field of view shot in X-Plane 11 …

Need moar sim pit shots! (although I think we’re technically hijacking Troll’s OP if it’s not a VR SimPit? although that’s also my VR SimPit :slight_smile: )