My VR SimPit

As I will spend a considerable amount of time in my sim pit, once Leatherneck releases the DCS: AJS 37 Viggen, I decided I had to upgrade my seat.

This is my stow-away SimBox. Originally built for a 34" Ultrawide curved screen, but now a dedicated VR pit. The deal with the wife is that I can have it in the guest bedroom, as long as it can be stowed and hidden.

The sides folds up and the PC tray folds into the box. Originally the cover lid formed the seat. But since the Oculus, and the small 21" screen is smaller and needs less support structure, than the big curved one, I thought I could fit the seat inside the box.

So I made a new seat cushion and backrest, with lumbar support.
And covered them in the Swedish Military M90 camo! :heart_eyes:


Very nice! Where’d you get the M90 fabric?

Is that a VKBT Gimbal?

Sweet…! I love that stick setup…the extension. Looks like it’d be a great helo cyclic. (And you could even pull the collective for power…and the world would be a better place)


Very cool!

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That is so good. You really outdid yourself. NICE!!!

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Well done! That’s amazing!

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I’m extremely jealous of that Mamba you’ve got there.

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But then you can’t see it with the VR headset on. :vr: :wink:

Really nice work - love it.

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Bought it in a swedish webshop.

It is the VKB Black Mamba with the cam gimbal, extension and thrustmaster adapter.
I’ll probably sell it, as I have ordered a BRD-N stick from Baur. I’ll let you guys know… :slight_smile:


Any particular reason you’re making the switch? Is it for stick force with the extension?

I was pondering getting one of those Black Mamba bases myself as the gimbal design looks quite well built and i’m not so keen on the TM ball design anymore (for various reasons).


I’m in the same boat, and curious as well.

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It’s strong enough if you use the original plastic handle, but with the Warthog handle it’s too weak, IMO.
It will center the stick, and the gimbal is extremely precise. There’s no play, and the center feel is very good. But I’d like some more resistance. I have high hopes for the BRD-N. Baur tells me it’s ready for shipping… Will write a review for you all.


PM me!

You’re talking about use with an extension though, right? So you’d endorse it for use without extension?

Please do! I’m looking for a stick that can hold up a warthog on an extension.

I’d have to go with a ‘absolutely probably’ here as I haven’t used it without the extension.
But without the extension I guess I could remove some springs as well. I can test it, if you want. Removing the extenion is really easy. Very clever design, actually.

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Yay…someone will cost ME money for once…! LOL…


I removed the extension, for testing purposes.

Here are two videos, with and without, extension. As you can see, the difference in pendulum effect is evident. The force required without the extension is what I would like to feel, with the extension.
I’d say it’s more or less the same resistance as the stock Warthog.

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Those videos make it evident that the gimbal has very little friction, which is nice.

Sorry for somewhat hijacking your thread like that but your grip i assume is from a TM HOTAS Warthog, however the connection to the base looks different. Is that something you made yourself, did it come with the extension or with the base? The reason i’m asking is that i’m interested in how much of a hassle it is to make a stock warthog grip compatible with a VKB base.