NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Nice video of C-130s in action with airborne troops. I personally didn’t realize that the most modern C-130s have a HUD. Pretty neat. DCS C-130 might actually be fun.


Nasty crash involving 2 French Gazelles





There is a lot of weirdness in this aircraft but here is a nice, high def video of the Fairey Gannet



Oh man… getting excited for the F-4 in DCS


Has this been posted before?




Some great carrier footage here - the part at the end (parking) is just terrifying…


Whenever I watch footage like this, one thing always fascinates me apart from the skill of the pilots is the amount of constant adjustment that goes on with the throttle.

As an aside, what was the pilot looking at on his left as he was approaching the Carrier, seemed to be constantly checking that area? Wingman maybe?


Possibly a flight lead for the first couple of laps around the ship. Planes flying as flights will be in an echelon right formation by the time they get back in the operating area of the boat. Because it’s case 2 recovery, I’m guessing each pilot is making a radio call announcing they’re breaking off instead of giving the kiss off. And my understanding is, once you start the approach around the ship, your head is pretty much glued to the left side of the windscreen, first watching your position before you roll out on final, then watching the ball for glideslope.

Flight deck handlers scare me, but that’s because I’ve known a lot of them. I’d have a really, really hard time trusting them when they were swinging my nose out over the water like that. Still, better than something like an A-5, if you look at how far aft that nosewheel was from the cockpit…


It’s funny because you can usually tell marshallers have military experience based on their performance on the ramp. I love it when I’m putting my airplane between two aircraft in a tight spot and the marshaller looks competent and is giving crisp instructions. It instills confidence (that might still be misplaced since I’m responsible for any incidents) that can sometimes be missing if someone is sloppy or lazy with their movements or uses vague gestures.


It looks like he’s coming in by himself so likely position relative to the boat as well as breaking and downwind traffic. The whole idea of the Case II is that’s it’s an instrument approach to a VMC pattern and you’re timing your break visually on the traffic that commenced ahead of you. Considering it appears he’s breaking into the pattern while still in the weather, it’s not exactly ideal but it can happen and it could be exaggerated by the camera.

Not typically. Once you’re below the weather with the boat in sight, there’s no comms unless actual low visibility radio calls are requested, but that’s normally caused by a lateral visibility limitation, such as dust or haze - not a defined overcast layer with clear air below.

It’s technique but once you actually start the approach turn, you do a mostly an instrument-based turn until you’re actually rolling out. You definitely look outside to back yourself up and as part of a good scan but most of your checkpoints for hitting a good start will come from the HUD.


I love when you pop in on these - I learn something new every time. Thanks!


This is very unfair! Slow and deliberate heavy lumbering cargo ships move in a very unpredictable straight line among known routes! Frankly, there’s nothing they could have done to avoid it all.


Canada Unveils Plans For New Aircraft Carrier!




Heh, seems one of those pictures used to mock people that got “burned” by harsh comments online.


Not NATO…but close enough… A creative video…