NATO Ministry of Information video thread




Darn, it looks so MUCH like something achievable in DCS that I’m almost in physical pain…
Cool video.


I mean you could, but we’d probably want to spend that development time on a good jet :smiley:

ducks for cover into nuclear fallout shelter


Oddly satisfying considering recent events …




I’ll be in my bunk.


NSFW language, but really funny F4 video. Worthington Dodge was still open in Carlsbad when I was stationed that way, this video is great, reminded me of his TV commercials. Found it on DCS forums.


Cal Worthington also was a B-17 pilot in WW2, so he probably appreciated this video.


That’s some comedy gold you got there. The accent, sterilizing your mother-in-law at hunner miles, he got it all!


Taking to the skies in a Tornado. 18 minutes of Tonka goodness.


An Italian Navy Helicopter has crashed in the Mediterranean last night during night training.
One crewmember of the five didn’t make it.

More news as I can find them…






RIP our favorite drill instructor R. Lee Ermey … this is him loading some 40mm on a Spectre Gunship, 2006 …


I am sure most have you have seen him in Full Metal Jacket and Mail Call, but I would guess that many of you haven’t see a movie call The Siege of Firebase Gloria. Highly recommended, not only for it’s gritty portrayal of the Vietnam war, but Gunny’s voiceover narration through out. I recently re-watched it on Amazon Prime, I am sure it can be found elsewhere.

Here is a trailer for it:


This was my intro to R. Lee Ermey, back when I was in high school:

. Ready in peace, Gunny.


Not exactly Wing Nut quality presentation…but still some good footage… VFA-27s 2017-18 cruise teaser…maybe the full length video will live up to the bar set by the 2014 Hornet Ball


Talking coffee and snacks while refueling…



Ahh the flying kangaroo !!!. Its a nice thing


Pretty awesome video this.