NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Love it. Not much room to sneeze at those altitudes. Well done!






F-111’s to cover ? no ejector seats on those.


This was reported from another source -

While the Air Force hasn’t divulged details of the ejector seat problems, reported Friday that the B-1 crew during the May 1 incident Texas tried to manually eject from the plane, but the seat didn’t blow, forcing them to make an emergency landing instead.


I wondered if the two were connected, after hearing the reports about that B-1 landing being because the ejection seats wouldn’t fire.


Not a nice situation to be in - pull the handle to find out that not only do you still need to get home and land with the plane you had already decided was unsafe to fly, but you need to do so with a triggered but unexploded ejection charge under your seat.



Not sure why the video quality is this bad after cutting it down but here it is…


That was a quick little plug :slight_smile:


Just skip the foreplay altogether huh? :rofl:

Even in that short video it just shows that one thing missing from our sims is the physical toll that that kind of flying exerts on the body. It just looks like a workout…


Treasure trove of Military Aviation films here -

I could watch “Air Power at Sea” over and over. I especially like the sexy time music during the aerial refueling sequence. “Computers talking to computers!”

Some other favorites so far:
Viggen spin chute recovery
How low can you go - A-7 training (Chaff. Flare. Up 20. Left. Roll over. Check Missile. Spot. Target. Toggle)
F-16i flight (Aero braking!)
F-111A - Lorne Green narrating! 70’s cop show music!

And a new fav: Sikorsky S-67 - The stones to take a prototype Helo through Barrel roles and loops!


Got this in the mail today … It’s fascinating just watching ground crew load ordinance very carefully! :slight_smile:


The Air Force uses the motorized cart for every weapon install? Nice.


I have zero clue how ordinance is installed wherever. Remember, they’re in Estonia so protocol may differ.


I believe he’s commenting because he’s used to seeing the alternative:


OMG. This is a joke right?


You, Me, and I bet they, wish.


500 pounds of bomb, four guys… that’s a good 125 pounds each has to lift. Doable. But they better lift correctly and have some training or they will waste their backs.

If you look at that first pic, where they are loading a legacy bug, the boy with the pained face looks like he’s not been trained up to the 125 pounds, just took the job and had to take the weight. In the gym he had better started with 50, and worked up to 125 lol. In the back, the guy nearest the bomb is holding the weight in an atrocious way. He must have had a mighty sore back at the end of his duty shift and spend his retirement in a very comfy chair he’ll never get out of if he kept that up.

The second pic, where they are loading the superbug, the two black guys who face the camera seem to be lifting perfectly; back straight, butt out, lifting with the legs. They also seem to be taking about two thirds of the weight between them and having fun doing it.

I have worked as a furniture mover and used to practice MMA. Both are disciplines where proper lifting is paramount. Doing it wrong not only weakens your lift, but it wastes your body. @Linebacker do those grapes get proper training in how to lift and physical exercise to gain the strength to do so? Or is it all learned and gained on the job?