NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Cockpit footage of F-15SG Strike Eagles in-flight. The F-15SG’s are from the 366th Fighter Wing, 428th Fighter Squadron (428th FS), based at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.


Did we buy them back from Singapore?


Look at Singapore. look at Idaho. One has substantially more room for training and confidentiality than the other. It also helps to not keep all your Jets in one basket when you’re a city state


According to Wikipedia, they’re training Singapore AF crews in the jet.

“The 428th Fighter Squadron is part of the 366th Fighter Wing at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. Currently, it operates F-15SG Strike Eagle aircraft conducting formal training missions to qualify Republic of Singapore Air Force crew in the F-15SG in a program titled Peace Carvin V.”


Here is the first suggestion for the next Mudspike flyin. Woody Island :slight_smile:



What alpha was the tanker pulling to refuel the hog ? :wink:


I think it was the new variant of Refueling Osprey…


Yall probably seen this, but its still funny. Ive watched a lot of these blue angel videos, and it seems that they put everyone to sleep with the carrier break turn. Intentional? Like do they just hammer the G’s until they see the backseat helmet disappear out of the mirror?


Ha ha! I think this is worth noting as well …


Apparently, he washed himself out of aviation and became a public affairs officer, so he could focus more on acting. Did a bunch of tours overseas it looks like with various units. Pretty cool story.


Delightfully cheesy:

What’s strange is that I just dug through documents for a week to figure what callsign the old 80’s Aggressor F-5/T-38 unit used (it was Baron), then here they are using it in this random video that popped up in my Youtube subscriptions.

I was also, just as I took a break to watch this, working on a guided tour for a campaign that uses Quartzite Mountain as a major landmark. They must have mentioned that place 5 times in this video.


Great shot, kid! That was one in a million!


Man I loved the ramp shots, especially with the O-2 parked in with the F-4’s and the Blackburn Buccaneer sneaking by in the background.


Above average F-35 through Death Valley presentation. Get some!


So sick. Single tear rolls. 'MERICA!!!


Dovetailing with my write up on them, CT-133s are NATO birds, sooo:

They look in pretty damn good condition considering their age.


And in celebration of F-16C Block 50 for DCS:



Preumably the single MAV is to balance the TGP. But why did they not fly clean and send all the stuff ahead on the Galaxy?