NATO Ministry of Information video thread



Whatever you do, don’t let @komemiute see it.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Fighter planes are for boys, Navy Fighters are for men.



Don’t know if this one was posted as well but it is very interesting to watch the deck crew.


FA-18F Startup video.
From hoggit: here



Check out the Canadian song and dance firing a Sea Sparrow …



A mentor of mine shared this on his Facebook:



What the. What the heck is that! Nice find!


I believe there is a rather large and very detailed model of that ship next to a Banshee at the Canadian Air and Space museum in Ottawa. I could have sworn I got a picture of it when I was there but I can’t find it.


I learned something new today. I never knew Canada had a carrier. :slight_smile:


You have no idea how many Jelly Donuts and Maple Syrup was flown in on the supply bird each day. It’s a wonder they got any mail.


Or how many hockey games were played on deck…



I hurt just looking at that. That’s a lot of exposed skin just waiting to get torn up by the nonskid.


They are Canadians. The only time they fall down is when they are NOT on skates.


Check the number on this F-22. Like this guy already!!