NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Oh man that JAS39 video was awesome.



That is far more terrifying to watch than I thought.

Also, on a Midway? If an F-111 can land on a midway, why not a Tomcat :smiley:


Perhaps trying to land a pig on the midway taught them the error of their ways and put the fear of God in em enough to never try that ■■■■ again :wink:


WTF, they had no blast shield doors on Midway?


A lucky guy gets invited on a US carrier for a day. Legacy hornets everywhere! And Tomcats!
The very end is also worth seeing :smile:


They could and did. I’ve heard stories of F-14s doing Carrier Quals on the Coral Sea. Admiral Gilchrist has a fun story of an indomitable fog bank south of the Aleutians that required some creative cross decking. The issue wasn’t getting on or off the boat, it was that the hangars were too low to stow the Tomcat in them, and thus you couldn’t do any maintenance on them.

They did, but they weren’t resilient enough to withstand the TF-30’s afterburner. All the existing carriers (Forrestal, Kitty Hawks & Enterprise) went through some minor overhauls to operate the F-14, strengthening the JBDs were one of them. Since it was decided the Midways weren’t going to operate F-14s, they didn’t get that particular overhaul. So on the occasion F-14s were launched from the ship, they just kept the JBDs stowed and moved everything out of the way.



Or you know, it would be done for them!

  • Jet ops on a pre SCB-125 Essex
  • F3D Skyknights
  • Pre-production Sidewinder and Sparrow Is

Awww yissss



I wish I could have a beer while I watch this awesome video… Hey look…a sono-buoy…! Oh…hey…that’s not a…


For some reason that reminds me of all the weapon scripting, testing, and experiments I did in my ArmA days…


Pretty hard to believe this story hasn’t been bigger…at least it hasn’t been reported much in the United States…

Apparently after the collision, the Captain opted to drive it ashore hoping to save the ship (and lives). Over several days it eventually slipped fully underwater. I’m not sure how much those ships cost, but that is a pretty big deal…


Some more HMS Queen Elizabeth/ F-35B action. I know i shouldn’t be surprised given her size and layout, but after years of seeing pictures and videos of Harriers and F-35s operating from LHD’s and LHA’s, I am still blown away by how much room the QE has on her flight deck for the F-35 to operate. Makes the LHD’s and LHA’s feel positively claustrophobic in comparison.


Which should translate into a tremendous sortie rate if I’m not mistaken.


Ummmm aren’t they the ONLY bone of British naval aviation… LOLzzzzzzzz


Well, they do have Hawks and a bunch of helicopters, so…


Pretty big story here in Norway…!
Will be interesting to hear about the findings from the investigation.


and it aint the backbone if you get my drift :laughing: