NATO Ministry of Information video thread


I thought that was implied? It’s certainly how I imagined it :smiley:


HAR HAR HAAR! :rofl:

EDIT: Italian crew wear specific gloves with reflective strips to have hand gesturing visible even in low light OR each finger is a glowstick for night ops.


a bit off-topic but worth the fun…

Yo wus sup…




We have a lack of HMS Queen Elizabeth in this topic…

Being a ‘more than one passport holder’ type person, I kind of like that this ship has US and UK troops stationed on it. As the Royal Navy allows bars on their ships, I wonder what the rules for US Navy personnel in drinking are - must be hard to resist @Navynuke99?


It’s an awfully big cruiser, I’ll give it that.


I hear the bar is right under the ramp…


Very interesting. Couple of things that struck me, LOW level employment. Alot of their napalm runs seem to be at 100’ AGL or lower. About mid way through they show what a pod of 2.75" rockets look likes from the targets view, it’s readily apparent why you need a full pod salvo to hit things! Great to see so many century series fighters in bare metal schemes doing work. It gave me several good ideas for some DCS missions too, I’ll see if I can work them into the F-5 training campaign I’m slowly (ever so slowly) getting together.


Oh boy would I love a MAC level F-100 DCS Module…



Good picture of her coming into New York…!


That is one sexy beast IMHO…




What a beast of a machine.


They are huge!


The thought in my head every time I see a Vigi doing carrier stuff. Such a ridiculous aircraft (and I love it).



Very interesting. I love their munitions loading gear, no need or temptation to strong back anything onto the rail.




Sweden taking part in NATO operation Trident Juncture in Norway. With soe CF-188s in there :slight_smile:

Another cool one with lots of interesting bits:

  • F-18, 2 seat at 10:00;
  • pretty sure there are CF-188s at the 12 minute mark - false canopies?);
  • F-16 at 13:40;
  • Canadian frigate (with Cyclone on the back deck) at 14:16 - would not like to be in the landing craft that are swaying (yawing) nicely :-);

And a little NATO Air element video: